Let’s do some online shopping with Lover Beauty.
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Let’s do some online shopping with Lover Beauty.

Darlings! I love discovering new online stores and to me it’s even better when they ship all over the world so that my international readers can get a piece of the pie as well. Maybe one thing better than that is the fact that the prices are so so so good, you will definitely have … Continue reading


Bloggers And Bags

Bloggers And Bags: Cindy Alfino – 3Kids 2Dogs 1Old House #14

Today I take a look into one of my fave bloggers handbags… And guess what? She’s not a fashion or beauty blogger. I love Cindy’s blog because she’s real and its nice being able to read ‘honest realness’ opposed to sponsored beauty/fashion posts. I’ve stopped reading many blogs because it started to look advertisements and … Continue reading