Lippies I’m Loving At The Moment #3
Beauty Banter

Lippies I’m Loving At The Moment #3

As a “Lipstick person”  my lippie collection grows monthly with new additions. This month I have such a variety of shades, you can’t even tell if it’s winter or summer. I’m not really somebody that changes makeup looks, especially lipsticks in different seasons as I usually just wear a shade that “speaks” to me on … Continue reading


Bloggers And Bags

Bloggers And Bags: Leana Henke – Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger #15

This whole blogger and their bags story is far from being over… Yes I’m still looking into the handbags of my fave bloggers (I’m nosey like that). Today I’m featuring the spongebob loving, cupcake eating, Hey Gorgeous expert Leana Henke. Take a look into the Handbag of Leana… About the bag: I generally give names … Continue reading