Bloggers And Bags

Bloggers And Bags: Chloe – Wasted Fashion #16

Today I’m back with another installment of Bloggers And Bags after a really long time. I kinda missed peeking into other blogger’s handbags so I thought that I’d get back on it and have some amazing bloggers lined up so keep an eye out! One of the first blogs that triggered my love for international … Continue reading


Bloggers And Bags

Bloggers And Bags: Leana Henke – Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger #15

This whole blogger and their bags story is far from being over… Yes I’m still looking into the handbags of my fave bloggers (I’m nosey like that). Today I’m featuring the spongebob loving, cupcake eating, Hey Gorgeous expert Leana Henke. Take a look into the Handbag of Leana… About the bag: I generally give names … Continue reading

Bloggers And Bags

Bloggers And Bags: Cindy Alfino – 3Kids 2Dogs 1Old House #14

Today I take a look into one of my fave bloggers handbags… And guess what? She’s not a fashion or beauty blogger. I love Cindy’s blog because she’s real and its nice being able to read ‘honest realness’ opposed to sponsored beauty/fashion posts. I’ve stopped reading many blogs because it started to look advertisements and … Continue reading