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{Explore} My top 4 spots for some downtime in and around Cape Town.

I have been keeping a low profile lately but you know what they say… good things are scarce😉. With that being said, now that the beaches and parks have opened up again – I am taking full advantage of exploring the city and scouting out some “off the beaten path” little spots in and around Cape Town. This is the first summer holidays for as long as I can remember ; that I haven’t done something touristy or had a staycation or even experienced the beach. As soon as we reached some eased restrictions, I started thinking up spots that I could visit where the masses wouldn’t be flocking to and where I could breathe in some fresh air. Today I will share my top four spots with you starting with my fave beach:

Milnerton Beach

I have probably mentioned this beach on the blog countless times before but it is without a doubt my favourite beach and one of the most underrated beaches in The Cape. Many opt for the popular Camps Bay or Clifton but those beaches are packed all the time. The fact Milnerton Beach is so underrated makes it less of a “local tourist” hotspot and it is also one of the most picturesque settings. This beach can get busy but a stroll further along, just a little bit past the lagoon gives you a more quiet spot and you also get to see our majestic mountain in all its glory. Pack a picnic basket, grab a blanket and umbrella and have some downtime on the beach.

2. The Farm Yard

So this spot is roughly 45 minutes drive from Cape Town, in Klapmuts. I spent my birthday here this year and I have to say that it’s become a firm family favourite over the years. Seeing that I haven’t been to the beach once this holidays, this was the perfect little treat of sun, fresh air and nature. I am not a “farm girl” in the least bit… heck my blog name says it all but a change of scenery was really good for my soul. Their capacity was only 100 people and the place is massive so you really don’t have to worry about coming into contact with other people. Social distancing and covid protocols are administered at all times and the fact that we went on a week’s day ensured that we had the place all to ourselves. There are some lovely braai and picnic spots scattered across the entire farm, 3 pools (+ one with a slide), animals and a lake. You have to pay to enter and a small fee for your car but nothing too heavy on the pocket. If you have a problem with flies and then you might not like this place but if you can live with them and you have a penchant for the smell of citronella spray and then you will love this spot! 😂 I have to say, it was a nice mid week escape from the city and I really want to look for some nice accommodation options in the area because I would like to have an overnight stay in the beautiful Cape Winelands.

Green Point Park

Another one of my favourite spots in the heart of Cape Town but feels like it is in a remote part of the city, this Urban Park is my go-to spot on a Saturday. It makes for the perfect picnic setting and the best part of it all? it is completely free to enter! There is so much to explore on foot in this park and it includes a fitness park for cycling and an outdoor training and gym facility. The Green Point Urban Park & Biodiversity Garden is just behind Mouille Point, I urge you to visit it at least once to experience the beauty that is Green Point Park and Biodiversity Garden. It is such a great spot for the entire family and you won’t leave disappointed.

Onrus National Park

Ah, the beautiful coastal path of Onrus – just 1hr32m drive from Cape Town was the tone for Valentines Day when we took a scenic drive along the Peninsula. The seaside strip that is Onrus, stretches across a beach, caravan park and rocky shorline where we pulled over the side of the road and had lunch. We strayed away from the beach and decided to have a little downtime overlooking the rocky kelp filled shoreline that houses a plethora of bird species and plants. It truly is a lovely path to walk on and experience what Onrus has to offer. You can’t really swim at the spot where we had lunch but further down the path there were some beach goers soaking up sun and the sea water really looked enticing.

That is it for my top spots for some downtime during the pandemic. These will always rank at the top of my list as it allows me so socially distance myself from people, while being able to get my daily dose of Vitamin D before winter comes knocking. Any suggestions on new spots to visit in and around Cape Town?


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