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{Review} Trying out the Portable Electronic Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer.

Hello, Hi! First post for 2021, let’s do this! Darlings, I have had this post on the back burner for a few months now but I just never got around to posting a review on it because toward the end of 2020, things got insanely hectic on my side. I bought this makeup brush cleaner and dryer from BidorBuy sometime last year and was absolutely intrigued by it for years after I saw Jeffree and Laura try it out on their Youtube channel.If you’re anything like me then you would know the tedious task that makeup brush cleaning is. I hate it because I have so many of them and to individually wash each brush, rinse twice and wait for it to dry – really is a “whole day job”. Without sounding like a “mother hen”, I cannot even stress enough how important clean makeup brushes are for the health of your skin and especially now that our skin is going through the most with the mask wearing. With that being said, let me introduce you to my new favourite gadget that I wish I had blogged about last year before Christmas because trust me when I say, it is an absolute gem and would’ve been such a great Christmas gift for any makeup loving person.In the makeup brush cleaner kit you will receive one device (the cleaner), a spindle, a bowl, 8 collars, a base and a protector bag. I paid a little under R400 for it and I think it is such a great investment, especially if you have alot of brushes and want to use your makeup brushes immediately after you have washed it. This is a battery operated tool and I love that it comes with a protective bag as I have a white device and will most likely get scratches on it if not stored correctly. The 8 collars fits almost all of my makeup brushes with the exception of my mermaid brushes and dual ended brushes. There is an attachment for even your smallest pencil brush and your biggest buffing brush! The best part? You don’t have to wait a few hours for your brushes to dry. After I have washed my brushes in the bowl, I raise it above the water and let it spin for 10-15 seconds and voila, my brushes are dry!

When washing the makeup brush, I submerge the brush to the foot of the brush ferrule and give it a few spins until all of the product has washed out. I should probably invest in a proper makeup brush shampoo but I am currently using hair shampoo and it does the job perfectly. Now lets talk about how well it works. This cleaner washes powder products out of the brush effortlessly. I find that liquid products with oil in might need a helping hand… let me explain what I mean; I am currently using the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation on my face and if I use my flat foundation brush more than once, it has foundation build-up and I have to give it a thorough washing or else my foundation appears streaky. When I wash my foundation brush in the makeup brush cleaner, it doesn’t get rid of all the product and I have to give the bristles an extra scrub with my silicone mat. I have however found the brush cleaner to wash out my mousse foundation brush squeaky clean, so it definitely depends on the product.

What I love even more about this gadget is that the whole art of makeup brush cleaning became a whole lot less messy and time consuming. The bowl is designed in a way that prevents the water from overflowing when it spins dry or even when washing the brushes. Just be cautious of over filling the bowl. Pro tip: After dry spinning your brushes, running your brush through you thumb and index finger to get it back to its original form because the spinning process does flex the brush bristles apart.

Would I recommend this Makeup Brush Cleaner? Absolutely! Keep an eye on my Instagram, as soon as I get into the swing of reels, I will definitely do a video tutorial on how I clean my brushes with the Makeup Brush Cleaner.


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