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Fashion Friday: The Tie-Dye Trend

Happy Fashion Friday, Darlings! Today I am back with one of the biggest buzz words… or rather trends in the fashion world and that is “Tie-dye”. I know you’ve seen it around and also the huge upgrade the trend has brought since it was popular in the 60’s as Protest Art, the 70’s as Pop Fashion and now in 2020 as Quarantine Fashion. Okay, maybe I coined that last term myself but you catch my drift.

We have seen this trend trying to catch on again over the years and it just didn’t gain the momentum that fashion folks would’ve liked it to, that was until covid fashion happened. Fashion trends have been scarce over the last few months and when you eventually saw people celebs embracing the “outside life”, it would be specific trends at the fore front…. in this case tie dye.When I say that this trend emerged from quarantine, I mean it! We’ve seen it incorporated in lounge wear and now it is carrying over to spring/summer wear as well. Tie-dye might have been big on the runway at both Prada and Stella McCartney ss19 but high street fashion retailers already started creating more affordable pieces for us ”workaday” folks and here I am, showing you how to get the hottest items for the summer.

If you’re into DIY, doing some tie-dye inspired items is not unheard of. I’ve seen some fairly easy videos on YouTube on how to do it and recently saw that Mr Price has Tie-Dye DIY Kits. If DIY is not your vibe, simply feast your eyes on my top picks on how you can look fashion forward this summer. If you’re not in SA, you will without a doubt find tie-dye tracksuits and loungewear items because believe me when I say, this trend is everywhere! For my Fashion Friday fash inspiration, I chose six different celebs in all the seasons to show you just how versatile this trend is and how it can be worn in both loungewear vibes and a day out. If you’re not as bold with your fashion choices, you can always opt for small additions to your outfit or daily life like a tie-dye printed water bottle or purse. Yay or Nay for the Tie-dye trend?


One thought on “Fashion Friday: The Tie-Dye Trend

  1. The dye looks great on others, but on me, I only really like it for a summer dress or t shirt, but not any other time of the year. Tie dye still screams 90’s to me, I’m so stuck in my ways, give it a few more years and then I’ll finally be part of the trend once it’s been and gone!

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