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{Review} My thoughts on the Revlon Pro Collection One step hair dryer and styler.

Darlings! Today I want to tell you about my new fave gadget in my hair styling routine, the Revlon Pro Collection One step hair dryer and styler. Quite a mouthful, hey? With that being said, this is not a new product on the market but with summer coming up and my shorter hair, I was looking into easier hair styling options when I came across this little contraption from Revlon. Now this isn’t the initial brush that I wanted to buy because I actually wanted the Revlon Salon One-Step Hairdryer & Volumiser but what I can say is that I don’t regret buying this brush at all. What is the Revlon Pro Collection One step hair dryer and styler? It is basically a paddle brush and hairdryer in one. I thought that it was a match made a heaven because that is how I usually blow dry my hair.  I do however feel that the Revlon Salon One-Step Hairdryer & Volumiser would be better suited for my shorter hair. Now let’s get in to the reviewing part of this post shall we? If you’re someone that prefers a blow out with a straight root (with a round brush) then this is not the product for you. Initially, I would blow-dry my hair with a paddle brush and just further straighten it with a flat iron but I do however know that not everyone prefers that method. With this brush you can actually get quite close to the root of your hair and I feel like it would “work” for any hair type.

I didn’t expect this brush to give me a straight blow out because if I am being completely transparent, I can’t even achieve that with a traditional hairdryer and paddle brush unless my hairstylist bestie is styling my hair. The shape of the brush gives me a nice inward curl when I am drying the edges.I have been using this brush for a little over a month and I don’t think that the bristles looks too badly after a month+. The only thing that I wish this brush did is to grip my hair better. When the air flows through the brush chamber, the heat is not equally distributed through the brush and majority of the heat is focused at the top section of the brush. I don’t mind it and have managed to make it work for me.

The brush itself is not as heavy as I thought it would be and makes the whole blow-drying process quite easy. I feel like this brush would work wonders for individuals with finer hair. I have quite a healthy mane and it does take a bit of time but I get the job done and in a shorter time span than what I would with a traditional hair dryer and paddle brush. One thing that I love about this brush is that it has a swivel cord. None of the hairdryers that I have used before had a swivel cord and in turn resulted in wear and tear right where the cord connects to the product. The brush itself has a high and a low setting but I prefer the high setting as it gets the job done quicker. The Revlon Pro Collection One step hair dryer and styler currently retails for R679 at Clicks stores. Just in time for Christmas! 😁


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