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Mid week escapes: Life Lately…

Last week I kind of just got back into blogging without explaining – after two weeks off. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed but you can’t pin point exactly why or what it is? but lets just say that I am not going to apologize for needing some time off. I am actually happy that I stepped back for a moment or two because I can honestly say that blogging is my happy place and I am not one of those people that have to plan content as everything just comes to me naturally and you shouldn’t have to plan your hobby, right? It should just unfold without any effort.With that being said, I feel like this year has been a complete roller-coaster for many of us, if you’re escaping this year and it’s craziness unscathed, you’re one of the lucky ones and good on you! Me on the other hand? I have had my fair share of ups and downs but right now I am in a good space and I am so grateful for that. For my sister’s birthday, we decided to have a mid week escape and have a few days of birthday celebrations. Yes! a few days! Why not? If this year has taught us anything then it’s to celebrate life and that is exactly what we did. Also, who doesn’t love some Vitamin SEA, waking up to the sound of the ocean breaking on the shore and Cape Town’s most picturesque sunsets. So for our mid-week staycation, we went to our beloved Leisure Bay and this time we stayed in our favourite ground floor apartment. Oh how we love the ground floor! That means that you basically have the beach on your door step and we experienced some lovely sunny days last week. We watched the sunrise and set everyday and let me not forget having lunch overlooking the pool right outside my window and soaking up the sun.

Did I mention how amazing it was not wearing a mask? Heaven, I tell you, heaven! Even though it is NB to wear a mask right now, I cannot even tell you how great it was not wearing a mask and breathing in fresh air and the ocean. Also, my skin loved me for it!I have reviewed this staycation spot a few times, even recently, if you want to read it you can just dive into my archives or my latest post on what it is like to have a staycation under lockdown. I can however say that I experience my stay at Leisure Bay differently each time I stay over. At this point, the friendly staff at Leisure Bay already know us and it feels like our home away from home. At night we felt safe enough to sit outside by the pool and we had housekeeping pop in everyday. I love the feeling of laying in a bed with crisp clean and white linen. This is exactly why I never want to leave Leisure Bay. After dinner every night, we would go for a short walk on the beach and catch the sunset before heading back to our apartment and settling in front of the tv watching Blood of Seuz. You guys, It is not a series that is usually my vibe but my BIL and I binged the entire first season in less than two days. Aside from the lovely staycation, I cannot even express how good this break did me mentally and emotionally. I came back home feeling like a new person. It wasn’t all holiday and recouping, I rediscovered my love for content creation. My sister and I shot content everyday and I am grateful for her patience with me. One thing about me, if I am in a good space then you will always find new content on the blog. I might not be a blog post planning person but I am sorted with new content for the next month or so.

With that being said, how is 2020 treating YOU?


3 thoughts on “Mid week escapes: Life Lately…

  1. A birthday celebration over a couple of days sounds perfect, along with a staycation. I think this year has thrown everyone about a bit in countless ways. Yes I know what you mean, at times I can pin point the moment, others I’m left stunned not knowing when or what happened x

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