Fashion Fridays

Fashion Friday: The Square Toe Mule

Happy Fashion Friday darlings! or should I say, Flashback Friday? Yes! another 90’s trend is back and is all over online stores and in stores at the moment. Now that people are emerging from lockdown (in some countries), we can really start seeing which trends are the standouts for the season. Now the squared toe mule is not a new trend as we’ve been seeing it trickle into mainstream fash media since last year and of course we want in on the trend, right?

I feel like Bottega Veneta is really pumping out the most catchy trends this year, we’ve seen the brand popularize the Teddy Trend and now the Square Toe Mule that was at the top of spring/summer2020 looks last year. Now of course this trend didn’t immediately catch on and saw many pull up their nose towards it because “who wants to wear square toe shoes?!” and now finding a modern twist to this 90’s throwback shoe. I didn’t even have to search much to find a plethora of different styles of this trend. I made it easy to find the pair that you like, to suit your budget. Even though the trend can be traced back to ancient Japanese origin, I have to say that I kind of like the more versatile, modernized version of it. Straight from designers onto the runway, into luxury retailers and now in the mainstream market, I have selected my fave ones. I may not personally like the trend on me (I’m sorry, I haven’t tried it yet) but I really do adore this trend.

If I had to choose my top two pairs that I would MAYBE give in to, then it would be the quilted cushion pair from The Fix and the plaited flats from Shein. Both is such a vibe, right? And super affordable too. The next time I find myself in store, I am definitely going to bite the bullet and slip a pair onto my feet to really feel it out before I completely bow out of this trend and waiting for it to pass. I may or may not have overused the word “versatile” in this post but I have to use it just one more time. So I really do love featuring VERSATILE trends and showing you just how to dress it up or down. Yes, the Kendalls and Kylies of the world may be rocking this trend but to me, Rihanna wins everytime. Let’s not forget to mention how “different” Jordyn Woods decided to wear her square toe mules.

With that being said, will you be adding the hottest shoe trend to your collection this summer?


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