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{October Favourites} What I’m currently enjoying, testing and rediscovered.

So you might have noticed that I went a bit MIA last week and haven’t been on social media that often. To be completely transparent, I needed a break… again. It feels like so much has happened in such a short space of time – in the same instance, so little has happened. My statement makes no sense, along with everything that has happened this year. You guys, I am tired! Not just of covid but emotionally, mentally and physically. 2020 has been doing the most. I don’t want to be a “Debbie Downer” because I love sharing all things happy and beautiful but that it just how I have been feeling lately.With that being said, I have a few new, old and rediscovered goodies that I have been enjoying and testing out. Most of these items are currently in stores so you can definitely get your hands on them if it sounds like something that you would enjoy. You know how I do it, everything is super affordable!

Revlon Pro Collection One step hair dryer and styler.I told you darlings that I have been enjoying the shorter hair and with that, I wanted to find a new styling solution for my hair because we’re really starting to feel the warmer weather creeping up on us in Cape Town and no one really wants to sit around styling hair. My hair dryer broke a few weeks back and that is when I decided that I needed something new and voila! This happens to be next on my lust list. I actually have my eye on the Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer as I feel like it would be better suited for my shorter hair and it still is on my lust list but for now I am using this one. I will most definitely do a full review on this brush next week, so be sure to check it out.

Pep Wide Legged Cropped PantsIn my monthly favourites last month, I mentioned that I am not the biggest wearer of pants. I bought two pairs from Pep a few weeks ago and I have to say that it has grown on me, especially the shade that was the furthest out of my comfort zone. Let me just say that it has grown on me waaaay more than I thought that it would, I even went back to Pep and bought another pair that is even more out of my comfort zone. They are light, airy and so versatile. I feel like my entire summer wardrobe is from Pep this year and they have BROUGHT it in that department. Let’s not forget how affordable they are!

Face Food Face MasksA staple in my self-care routine, I am currently huge into skincare. I’ve been so good at it, to the point where I now wear no makeup when I go out. I have been using a few different masks from Face Food and I will definitely be reviewing them on the blog over the next few weeks. Maskne has been an endless struggle over the past few months and I find that face masks are a great little addition to my skincare routine.

Turkish 2-1 leather handbag.I am usually a neutral handbag kind of girl but for some reason I really loved this bag when I saw it in Istanbul. My sister and I searched for a more affordable option since the first day that we arrived in Turkey and went shopping. The best part about this handbag? It’s both a handbag and a backpack. I love versatile options! The size of the handbag is also not what I would typically go for, I like my handbags big and bold. This particular one is compact enough to fit in just what I need. One year later and I am still loving my purchase.

Betadine Emtrix Fungal Nail SolutionBetadine sent me this product about two weeks ago and my mom has been reviewing it since I got it. She’s been loving it and I will definitely be doing a full review on it next week. Without giving too much away, it really is a great product and not just for people with nail fungal issues. I am not a “feet person” at all and you will very seldom read something feet related on the blog, so when I do post anything feet related, then you must know its pretty good. Watch out for my review next week!

Statement Hair ClipsSo these hair clips appeared in my previous favourite post and I have been adding random ones to my collection whenever I go shopping. I am so into having a hair party lately and just wanting to add all the clips at once. I don’t. But I want to. I guess the short hair gave me some hair inspiration!

Citi Girl Chubby Lip Pencil in deep plumI rediscovered this chubby lip pencil in my car door compartment after not wearing lipstick for such a long time. I forgot how much I loved it and how well it sat on the lips. It’s a semi-matte lipstick that sits so well on the lips. It also smells super yummy and lasts on the lips all day. Somewhere in my blog archives, you will find a full review of this chubby lip crayon. Unfortunately you won’t be able to purchase this anywhere because it was sold at Edgars and I don’t know of any other retailer that stocks the Citi Girl range.

That is it from me. I have done quite a bit of shopping lately and will definitely be sharing more goodies soon!


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