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[Support Local] Stylish and Trendy Polymer Clay Earrings from Luna & Lexi

Happy Fashion Friday darlings! Today I am back with another local business feature and also a brand that is pulling at my heart strings in terms of style, trend and over all pizazz. You guys, I have this new found love and appreciation for Polymer Clay earrings. Yes, I am besotted. I love discovering new local businesses that specializes in polymer clay accessories and to me, I see these women’s creative flare in each pair that they create. The brand that I am featuring today is Luna & Lexi. Luna & Lexi is a local brand from Cape Town that has the most stunning polymer clay earrings at such good prices. So the darlings over at Luna & Lexi decided to spoil me with some beautiful earrings that I got to choose from their Instagram boutique. Can I just say that it is super hard choosing which ones you like when you find all of them super beautiful and unique?

I had a little chat with Tanya, the creator of Luna & Lexi, where she told me all about how her journey in creating polymer clay earrings started. Being a Pinterest loving girl like ALL OF US, she discovered the art that is polymer clay earrings on Pinterest and then decided to turn her new found love for polymer clay earrings, into a passion project and business. I could spend all day scrolling on the Luna & Lexi Instagram page and looking at the new designs that Tanya comes up with. They are fun, modern and so on trend right now. I read an article on Elite Daily and they dubbed polymer clay earrings as THE EARRING TREND FOR 2020 and it can be seen all over Tik Tok stars’s pages. My current favourite styles from Luna & Lexi is the ‘Basket Weave”. if you haven’t seen basket weave ANYTHING lately, then you must be living under a rock. They are stunning!

I have worn my two styles a few times and I receive compliments whenever I wear them, without fail. My mom is not an earrings fan at all but when she saw these, she was in love. The quality of the earrings are top notch. I am somebody that can’t wear just any type of earrings because my earlobes become irritated immediately, with these Luna & Lexi earrings, I can wear them the entire day without having to remove them.Did I mention that all Luna and Lexi’s earrings are toxic free? These earrings are lightweight and not heavy in the least bit. I hate those beautiful designed earrings that weighs a ton but is such a pain to wear. In my beautifully thought out package that I received, there were also care instructions on how to best look after my earrings and I truly did appreciate that. The summer months are fast approaching and now that I have shorter hair, I can totally see myself taking my outfit to the next level with my new earrings. Hijabi girls, these earrings looks just as amazing when styled with a scarf, especially when your outfit is muted. Aside from the beautiful pieces that Luna & Lexi creates, Tanya sources all of her supplies from local companies. Yay for small businesses supporting other local businesses! Christmas is on it’s way and if you’re in the market for some unique, one of a kind gifts… I can highly recommend some beautiful earrings from Luna & Lexi.

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