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{Review} Eaco Biodegradable Sanitary Pads: Let’s talk periods!

I have had this post in the pipeline for a few weeks now and I really wanted to post it during the month of September in support of PCOS awareness month, but you know what? In true PCOS “style”, I didn’t get my period last month so I couldn’t really review these sanitary pads. One day I will share my PCOS story but not today. With that being said, I don’t think I have ever spoken periods on the blog before? Well today is that day!

So my sister came across these biodegradable pads from a brand called Eaco. She knows how much I love trying “new things” and then I decided to purchase two boxes from Dr Anisha Allie at the Wetton Family Health Centre. Now I am not going to pretend to be the poster child for saving the planet but I really do try to bring my part wherever I can. I think that switching to biodegradable pads is a step in the right direction. Just a quick run down about the brand, Eaco was born from the need for an Earth Conscious sanitary product. It is a female owned South African brand that strives to provide females with a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to sanitary pads.

What makes these sanitary pads different from the rest? It is made from corn and bamboo. It is proven that bamboo is super absorbent, it also grows incredibly fast without using lots of water, chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo and corn is also 100% biodegradable. The corn is what makes the sanitary pad silky soft and the bamboo fibre is natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

I tried both the daytime and the night time pads and I can attest to the quality of these pads. The night time pads are a tad bit bigger/longer and I love that because it means that I won’t have any leakage. Both the day and night pads has wings and that ensures that the pads don’t move around. The pads are ultra thin and it sits comfortably to the point where you can barely feel it during the day and night. I find the pads to be quite absorbent and I don’t have to keep checking for any leakage. I paid a little bit over R30 per box and it is only a tad bit more pricier than what I am used to paying for my usual sanitary pads but it really is a small price to pay given that it takes over 1000 years for plastic to decompose and 500 years for conventional sanitary pads. Aside from the fact that the transition from regular sanitary pads were quite effortless and I can’t even tell the difference, the pad itself was quite gentle on the skin and I haven’t experienced any discomfort.

Eaco pads are available from a variety of different outlets across the country, just check out the @Eaco Instagram page or alternatively  you can shop online at

Also, how beautiful is the packaging? It is recyclable!



2 thoughts on “{Review} Eaco Biodegradable Sanitary Pads: Let’s talk periods!

    • They are pretty new to me too. But they really are great! I have seen the traction that menstrual cups have gain and I must say that I am not there yet. Maybe someday but for now I am enjoying the Eco Sanitary pads available. 😄

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