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Let’s do some online shopping with Lover Beauty.

Darlings! I love discovering new online stores and to me it’s even better when they ship all over the world so that my international readers can get a piece of the pie as well. Maybe one thing better than that is the fact that the prices are so so so good, you will definitely have a few… alot of pieces on your lust list. A few weeks ago, the peeps over at Lover-Beauty reached out to me and invited me to to come take a look at their online store and also share it with my readers. You are in for a treat! What is Lover-Beauty all about? Well the online store sells everything from lingerie, shapewear, swimwear, everyday fashion forward outfits and even an extensive range in their plus-size offerings. I love a brand that has size inclusivity and that has all body shapes and sizes in mind. Yes! they cater to us all and I couldn’t be happier.  I have pulled a few of my favourite pieces from the online store that I absolutely love and that I know will make a cute outfit combo .😜A little while back in the beginning of lockdown, I did a whole Fashion Friday post on loungewear and let me tell you, Lover-Beauty has an extensive range of loungewear pieces that is so stunning. When I say stunning, I mean that you will look super chic while in quarantine at home. Not only are the wholesale sweaters super practical but they are also very stylish. I can definitely see myself wearing it in winter while layering it with other items but I feel like it would make great transitional pieces for the type of weather we’re experiencing here in South Africa at the moment. I love me a good hoodie! Can I just say that I am super obsessed with the red-ish maroon cat ear hoodie. My inner cat lady is screaming! If you’re not a cat lady like me, Lover-Beauty has a huge variety of the best hoodies wholesale prices. I am a list maker… a wishlist maker that is and even though we are heading to the summer here in the Southern hemisphere, my Northern Hemisphere girls are going to love it! I have been playing around on their website and I have to say that the online store is quite user friendly and the shopping experience is straight forward. They even work out the shipping and customs process for you. At the moment, they have quite a few new items loaded onto the site, as well as discounted sale items. Definitely give them a visit for the latest and greatest in fashion and see what they are all about.

*This is a sponsored post


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