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{Current Faves} Spring time prepping.

It seems like just the other day that I blogged about my season changing faves and being so excited about spring/summer approaching. I think I may have jumped the gun just a little bit too soon because since the last time I mentioned my faves and even featuring my new fave pleated skirt from Woolies, we have been experiencing some winter days that felt nothing like summer being even close. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain but I am a summer baby by heart, star sign and every other imaginable trait that describes how much I adore sunny days. With that being said, I have a few personal favourite items that I just HAVE to share and is worth.every.single.cent. Keeping to the theme of transitional pieces in my last faves post, all of these items are new but have been worn/used since I got them and I am completely obsessed with it. It deserves a mention and recommendation from me as I truly do adore them. First up, I am adding more makeup items to my face lately because I find myself more outdoors albeit DISTANCED from people. I have already blogged about my 4 pan highlighter palette from H&M that I bought in Istanbul last year and I rediscovered my love for it. It adds such a healthy glow to all of those areas where the light hits. I am not sure if this is available in SA but I sure do hope so.

Wide-Leg Trousers from PepFor a pair of trousers to even make it onto my favourites list, you have to know that it really is THAT good… in fact great! If you’ve seen my pictures on the blog or even my Intagram, then you would know that I am a 100% skirt and dress girl. I own no more than 5 pairs of pants but when I saw these I just had to have it. Not to mention that the yellow pair is so far out of my comfort zone that I am beyond shocked at how much I love it. Right now, I believe that Pep is the only store really tugging at my heart strings in all of their fashion offerings at the most affordable prices and quality. These pants are so good, I had to get them in two colours. They are breathable and I can see myself wearing it now in Spring when the weather is still a bit nippy in the morning and in summer with a pair of flats or wedges. The best part? These go for R119 a pop. Yes please! Don’t sleep on Pep. Trust me!

Clicks Wax Strip Okay so this wax is for the legs but there’s no way I am going to wax my legs, no matter how high my pain threshold. I actually use this on my brows and let me just say that it is the In the kit there’s some pre-wax wipes, the wax strips and after wax cream. I cut the wax strips when I use them and just finished the first strip after I have used the kit for about three months. I have extremely sensitive skin and haven’t experienced any skin irritation when using this. I love the after wax cream as it removes all of the wax on the skin leftover and I wish Clicks sold it by the bottle because it is by far the best after wax cream that I have ever used. To be honest, I am still quite paranoid RE Covid, so I won’t be going to my brows guy any time soon, until that time comes – I am going to be sticking to the wax kit.

Magnificent Barista Boys – Dark Chocolate: Hot Chocolate On those days where we experience four seasons in one day in Cape Town, I love whipping out this dark hot chocolate. When I tell you that it is the best hot chocolate that you will ever try, I mean it. It even tastes good when made with water or milk alternatives, it really is a premium experience. There’s dark chocolate bits in the mixture that melts down to a velvety smooth texture and is oh so yum. This cocoa retails for R199 on the Magnificent Barista site and I am so keen to try their Salted Caramel and White Hot Chocolate, next.

Uniquely Urs Personalized Morning SlippersOn the blog Monday, I mentioned that I collaborated with local gifting store called Uniquely Urs. In my press drop, they sent me these beautifully personalized slippers that I am LIVING IN. They are so comfy and I love that they aren’t fluffy because then I can wear it when it is not so chilly in the morning and evening after the colder weather. On most of the items that Uniquely Urs personalized for me, I just wanted my initials on my slippers because it reminded me of the Rae Feather slippers that I have been eyeing for the longest time but can’t get because they don’t ship to South Africa. I love how Uniquely Urs personalized my slippers and I definitely see myself wearing the heck out of these.

Luna  & Lexi earringsI am not going to say much about these earrings because I have a full post dedicated to it next week so that I can properly show them off and tell you all about this brand. These are from Luna & Lexi, a local brand that makes the most stunning polymer clay earrings. They sent me these last week and I have been OBSESSED with them since I received it in a beautiful package. Check them out on Instagram (Luna & Lexi) and see what I am talking about.


That is it from me today. Anything on my list that caught your eye?


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