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What it’s like having a staycation under lockdown

Round about this time every year, I love having a staycation at my favourite spot with my favourite people – at Leisure Bay. Of course because of the pandemic, things were a tad bit different because obviously with covid, we have to be far more careful. There were protocols in place that weren’t there previously but nothing too harsh. I have blogged about my stacaytions at Leisure Bay a few times before (feel free to dive into my archives) and I always enjoy my stays there.

When you book in at Leisure Bay, you cannot enter without a mask, your hands are sanitised at the reception area, temperature taken and you have to fill out a short questionnaire surrounding some covid related questions. Nothing too hectic but with the reason, the check-in process is a tad bit longer. After all of the details have been finalised, you are shown to your luxury apartment where we were guaranteed that all apartments are cleaned and sanitised when people check-out of an apartment.

This time around we were on the third floor. I am not gonna lie, it’s not my favourite as I love being on the ground floor that gives me easier access to the beach. This is the first time that I’ve been to Leisure Bay where I didn’t set foot on the beach and go for a morning and sunset walk. Did I mention that you can catch the most magnificent sunsets at Leisure Bay? It is without a doubt my favourite spot to watch the sunset in Cape Town.

Besides the fact that we weren’t on the ground floor and not making our way onto the beach, I think covid kept us in the apartment most of the time but it was a real treat going mask free the entire weekend and breathing in some fresh air on the balcony. We got the most beautiful view of Table Mountain and not to mention the sparkling Cape Town skyline when night falls. We didn’t have the best weather on Saturday and that called for a great day and night in doors with a cuppa tea (which is a perk that comes with the apartment).

I hope to be back in the warmer months where I can really enjoy some time in the sun and on the beach. If there is one thing that I would change and then it would be to have santiser in the rooms as well.



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