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{Review} The only four makeup brushes that I am currently using.

Before I even get into this post, I just want to remind my readers that I do product shots for my blog posts even before I start using the product. Yes, that is why my brushes looks brand new in the pictures – because they are. With that being said, my aunt got me this super cute 4 piece mermaid makeup brush set from Clicks a few weeks back. I know you’re probably wondering if I really need more brushes but the answer is YES! A girl can never have too many makeup brushes.City Girl Vibe x Clicks Mermaid Brushes ReviewLike I’ve probably mentioned countless times on the blog for the past few months, I haven’t been doing a full face of makeup because of the mask wearing and I am not even going to lie but I do apply a little bit of foundation to my forehead, set it with a little powder and then add all the drama on the eyes with some good mascara, filling my brows and then an easy two minute makeup look. When I got these brushes I decided to actually do a full face a few times now, to see how these brushes works and now I have the lowdown for you. I am not sure if Clicks still has these on special but the last time I checked, they were more than 50% less than their original price. Win Win!City Girl Vibe x Clicks Mermaid Makeup BrushesThe bristles are super soft and picks up pigment and product effortlessly. The bristles are quite densely packed together so the brushes doesn’t soak up all of the product. After washing these, I haven’t experienced any bristles shedding. Shedding brushes are always one of my main concerns when using new brushes but luckily with these – so far so good.

The face brushes are my favourite. I was mainly excited about the foundation brush because for some reason all of my flat foundation brushes seem to shed the fastest. This particular brush is hands down the best flat foundation brush that I have ever used. It doesn’t leave any streaks when you blend from the center of your face to the perimeter. The powder brush is another firm favourite of mine as it reminds me of the powder brush that I got in my H&M brush set last year. It is super fluffy, yet dense. I love that it gives the powder products an airbrush look and feel instead of having all of the product focused on one area. Not only do I use the powder brush to set my foundation with translucent powder but I also use it for my blush on the apples of my cheeks and my bronzer. It really is a multi-use powder brush that is a great addition to your makeup brush collection.

The other two brushes in the set is this angled eyebrow brush that I love using for both my brows and smoking out/tight lining my upper lash line. Because the bristles are so dense, you can smoke out your lash line with a dark shade and give it that real sultry and smokey look and then even skip the liner. The packer brush is perfect for just a quick pack of colour on the lid without having to go the whole nine yards of an entire eyelook. It is my perfect lazy girl’s hack and can be achieved in less than 2 minutes. City Girl Vibe x Clicks Mermaid Brushes HandlesOkay, I have to admit that I am absolutely in love with the aesthetics of these brushes. The handles are super cute with the ombre effect and I love the flat middle that allows you to grip the brushes securely when working with them. The brushes are lightweight but doesn’t feel cheap as they have a bit of weight to them. They are also full sized brushes and I feel will make a great addition to any MUA kit. You might not be a MUA but a makeup enthusiast or somebody wanting to get into makeup, these are great additions to start your makeup collection with. City Girl Vibe x Clicks Mermaid Compact MirrorThe last item in the set is this beautiful mermaid mirror. Can we just have a moment for how cute it is? Its easy to pop into your handbag and makeup bag. I feel this whole set would also be a beautiful gift to anybody. I know that I would be totally happy to receive it as a gift.




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