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{Review} My 3 fave moisturizing hand creams from Sh’Zen

Darlings, I bet we are all in the same boat right about now. You know what boat I am talking about? That one where our hands are dry, not moisturized, tight and ashy because of all the hand sanitizing and washing. Please do carry on doing all of those things but do invest in a good hand cream! Today I want to share a little bit of my three fave hand creams that I have had on rotation in my handbag for the past three weeks that is definitely worth your $$$ and that I know you will love. City Girl Vibe x 3 Fave Sh'zen handcreamsThe last time I used Sh’zen products I was in high school. Yes, high school! That is a good 10 years ago but I am happy to say that I still love their products more than ever. My mom is a true lover of their “Spa Additive For Feet” and the “Thermal Relief For Feet” so I was hoping to see if these three hand creams were going to work for me like her OG products works for her. You know what they say – the first signs of aging shows on your hands.  That fact, coupled with the constant washing and sanitizing and lets not forget the harsh winter weather … it was time I brought a little bit of moisture into my life.

The three Sh’Zen hand creams are called the Tropical Trio. It retails for R150 – which is R50 per hand cream consisting of 30ml each. To me, that is totally affordable as the product itself feels extremely luxurious and I have had really lackluster hand creams for double that price. The hand creams that I have been using is the Basil & Pomegranate, Cucumber & Lotus Flower and Exotic Frangipani. I tried choosing my favourite scent but all three of them smells really incredible and is the perfect fragrance for Spring. City Girl Vibe x Sh'zen Basil & Pomegranate HandcreamCity Girl Vibe x Sh'zen Cucumber & Lotus Flower HandcreamCity Girl Vibe x Sh'zen Exotic Frangipani HandcreamThe scent of these lingers on your hands for quite some time and I receive compliments whenever I have used it, without fail. All three smells very floral (not the dated kind) and fresh. To me, it screams Springtime fragrance. I toss whichever one I feel like wearing/using into my handbag and when I feel like my hands are too dry or ashy, I immediately squeeze some onto my hands. It leaves my hands feeling so soft and smooth and you can feel and see your hands moisturized within seconds.

These hand creams contain Allantoin to heal and repair dry chapped skin and it holds true to its claim, that is why I love it so much now in winter. City Girl Vibe x Sh'zen Handcreams ReviewThe consistency of this hand cream is quite thick and not nearly as close to the consistency of a hand lotion. It has more of a body butter consistency but spreads across the hands like a lotion. If I had to compare it to any hand cream that I have already used and then I would say that it reminds me of my  Cath Kidston – Paper Rose hand cream. Yes! that is how luxe it feels… at a fraction of the price. Would I recommend these? Absolutely! I am besotted with the fragrance and feel of these hand creams on my hands and my cuticles are loving it!

I am thinking of trying more Sh’Zen products on the blog. Now to find out where to get it!


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