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{Review} My multi-use winter lifesaver balm from Lanolab

Darlings, Today I have a goodie! Not only is it a locally produced product but it is also female owned and a beauty product! I haven’t featured locally produced beauty products in years and it gives me so much pleasure to feature a product that I love and actually holds 100% true to their claim. A few weeks ago my sister introduced me to Lanolab and I am officially hooked. Hooked to the point where I am scratching and squeezing the last traces of balm out of my tube because I use it for EVERYTHING! City Girl Vibe x Lanolab Multi Use Balm ReviewIt feels like this winter is the harshest its ever been on my skin. My skin, lips, hair and scalp is taking a hard beating and I really don’t feel like using any prescribed treatments because it is expensive. I am a girl on a budget, you know?! ๐Ÿ˜… Nonetheless, if you’re a regular then you would know that I always mention how I suffer from something very similar to eczema along my hairline, behind my ears and on my scalp. It’s itchy, flaky and red if I leave it untreated. Using any scented product wreaks havoc on those areas and when I read that the Lanolab multi-use product was fragrance free and natural… you bet I jumped at the chance to use it.

I squeezed a generous amount onto my fingers and massaged it onto my scalp (yes! I did that.), behind my ears to soothe the itch and also hydrate the area around my brows as it was really starting to flare up and flake. You guys! It worked like a bomb! It hydrated my flaky and irritated skin and scalp and I really don’t mind the greasy hair as I am staying home anyway.City Girl Vibe x Lanolab ReviewSpeaking of working it through my hair, when applying it in/on my brows to treat the flaking, I found that it does a really great job at taming my brows and keeping it laying flat๐Ÿ˜.ย  The consistency of the balm is quite thick but it smooths out when its nice and warmed up on the tips of your fingers. When Lanolab says that it is a multi-use product, they really mean it. I’ve read reviews where mom’s said that they use it as baby bum cream and within a few days the rash healed. Yep, it’s good to use on babies too. I hate to play the compare game but “they say” this balm is the new EA 8hr cream. Could it be? Could it rival the cult beauty favourite? You better try it for yourself!๐Ÿ˜‰

Winter lips? not on Lanolab’s watch. Especially at night and in the morning when the air feels more crisp and my lips feels like they want to chap off, I squeeze a tiny bit onto my index finger and work it into my lips to inject moisture back into my lips.City Girl Vibe x LanolabI love the packaging of the tube as it allows you to get every last squeeze out of the tube. It is also super convenient to just pop into your handbag. With constant sanitizing and hand washing, your cuticles definitely need some moisturizing and I love how this balm does just that. I am not going to get into the technical things but you can read all about the ingredients and why this balm is such a great addition to your handbag and skincare routine in general. At only R95, it is definitely worth checking out!


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