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[Support Local] What DONUT DREAMS are made of.

Darlings! I have another local business that I am featuring on the blog today and I just had to share it with my readers. Guys if you can, please support small businesses. They  need our support now more than ever and of course, it’s always delightful discovering new goods and services. Nothing beats a small business that pours their love, soul and passion into their business, as opposed to these big giants mass producing goods. Long live small businesses, growing in heaps and bounds into something massive!City Girl Vibe x Donut DreamsWith that being said, today I am featuring a business called “Donut Dreams”. Oh yes! It is the donut that dreams are made of. I promise that I am not a food blogger but I just had to share this gem of a brand because hands down, it is the best donut that I have ever tried and I have had many! Yesterday was my sister’s birthday so we decided to spoil her with some donuts from Donut Dreams. Not only was it a hit with the birthday girl but the whole family loved it. Testament to this would be that we had the Triple Layered Chocolate Gateau cake from Woolies (which is a firm favourite in our house) but no one wanted it and went for the donuts first.

We went to pick up our order at Donut Dreams HQ and let me tell you… we could smell them even before we even opened the box. We bought some of the regular sized donuts and some mini ones but my sister and I devoured them the moment we took the corner from Donut Dreams HQ. City Girl Vibe x Donut Dreams Local BusinessLet’s talk taste shall we? The donuts are soft, with airy pockets that makes it super fluffy and the chocolate topping is so indulgent… Dunkin Donuts could never! And I am not just saying that for the sake of the feature but I promise that I have never enjoyed donuts like I have with these circles of heaven. They go down so well with a cup of strong coffee or even just a treat after dinner. Maybe these are new take on #KoesisterSunday? they definitely can rival the likes of a koesister (in my opinion) and this is coming from a true koesister advocate.

Donut Dreams also caters for events like gender reveal parties, birthday parties and even the current adopted trend of donut walls at weddings, I love it! City Girl Vibe x Donut Dreams ReviewThe donuts are super affordable and worth every calorie… okay maybe limit them to once a week  😅 but what I do know is that you will love them. Support this small business and give them a follow on Instagram (@donutdreams_) so see what they’re all about… other than drool-worthy!

Ps they’re also fully halal


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