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A city girl’s guide to a room makeover + décor wishlist.

You guys! I have wondered down the rabbit hole of décor and there’s no stopping me now! I have been on home décor online stores and Pinterest for the past three weeks, just browsing and making wishlists because the redecorating bug bit me and I am just in the mood for change. So let me back up just a little bit and tell you what’s got me in this redecorating tizz. In a few months I will be moving rooms. I am beyond happy about it because my current room is too small for all of my things and also because I am looking to create a space where I can shoot my content for the blog. A space where I can draw inspiration from. I haven’t been this excited about a project in a while and I am super thrilled about it.

Now to set the record straight, my new space won’t be “my space” anytime soon and it will only materialize later in the year but I love it that way because it gives me time to collect, save, buy and DIY so that I can get my new space exactly how I want it. I haven’t come across any pictures on the web of how I want it to look like but trust me when I say that I have a vision in my head. A vision that consists of a pretty much monochromatic colour palette and also organized space. Not to put any pressure on myself but I am currently in a very “refining” phase where I want to sort through so many things that I have and don’t use but still hold onto. Seeing that my blog is a space where I am extremely honest with all of my opinions and thoughts, I hate to admit it but I am an organized mess type of person. I wish everything was as neat and curated as my blog is but in reality, its not and I want to change that. With my new space, I am looking to adopt a more feng shui approach and also a more minimalist lifestyle. In my mind it’ll be a minimalist millennial’s dream! Nonetheless, this is on my wishlist;City Girl Vibe x Room Decor WishlistSee what I mean when I say that I am sticking to a particular theme? Even though my colour palette consists of mainly black, white, grey and nudes – there will absolutely be pops of colour here and there. Picture all of the above items against white walls and wooden floors… I live! I have already started purchasing some items and I can’t wait to show them off on the blog. Honestly, if these nine items were the last items to be added to my room makeover, I’d totally be happy with it. Also, did I mention that décor CAN BE and IS quite the pricey affair?! Yes, I have been cutting back on all of my spending because heck! there are so many things that I want.

These are the spaces that I am drawing inspiration from…City Girl Vibe Room Inspo 1City Girl Vibe Room Inspo 5City Girl Vibe Room Inspo 3City Girl Vibe Room Inspo 4I will also be adding a few frames and prints to my walls because we all know how much a love a good frame! I will be documenting the entire process on the blog and snippets on my Instagram. Yay for clean, inspiring and creative spaces where all the blog magic will happen!


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