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[Support Local] Yummy Brownies from Choc Boss

Today’s post is such a goodie! Do you know that feeling that you get when you come across a brand and you just KNOW that it has to be shared with everyone? Well today is one of those days for me. I came across this local business on Instagram a few weeks ago and besides the obvious yumminess that drew me in – I always mention that now more than ever, we have to support our local businesses because times are tough! Nothing brings me more joy than sharing small businesses on the blog, even if you don’t buy from the brand, something as small as a like and follow on their socials makes a huge difference. Besides, we all need something lekker in our life to lighten the mood, right? right!City Girl Vibe x Choc BossBack to be drawn in by Choc Boss brownies, let me tell you a little bit about the brand. Now if the picture above didn’t get your attention then I don’t know what will. Choc Boss is a Cape Town based business that makes and sells brownies to the public and supplies to shops around the Cape Town area … and let me tell you; it’s the brownie that all brownies should be measured against. I was chatting to the founder of Choc Boss and he was telling me how his business became the Crème de la crèm (in my opinion) here in Cape Town. He started his business while studying, after his lekker brownies got the attention of fellow students at campus when he baked for charity. Everyone that tasted his brownies then encouraged him to start selling it BECAUSE IT WAS THAT GOOD and that is when he decided to turn his passion into a business.

Now what really stuck with me when I chatted to the founder of Choc Boss is how his love for baking brownies stems from pure passion and no prior experience or training in baking. Impressive, right?City Girl Vibe x Choc Boss BrowniesOkay, now let me get to the part where I tell you what it tastes like. My sister ordered us some brownies, choc squares and the mixed pack. I had the brownies first and it remains my fave because I am a brownie girl by heart. We ordered enough to really try each one out and what you see in the picture is all that we have left. I didn’t “experiment” with my brownie because I love it as is with a good cup of strong coffee… and quite frankly, it doesn’t need anything more. My sister on the other hand loves putting her brownie square in the microwave so that it gets gooey and fudgey or with a dollop of ice cream.

The brownie squares with ice cream could’ve easily been Eid dessert but I stashed my goodies away for a “rainy day” when I need a pick me up”😋. Now let’t talk prices, everything is super affordable! Choc Boss does the individual squares or the packs of three. You can pop on their Instagram page and take a look at the prices.City Girl Vibe x Choc Boss Cape TownThis week Choc Boss had their first national order and believe me when I say, it is worth having these shipped across the country! I have had my fair share of dry brownies and I find these ones to be just the right balance, especially with strong coffee to balance out the sweetness. I look forward to seeing this business grow and also what new things they come up with… when I say “they” I actually mean a one man show that works fulltime and comes home and create some delicious treats after hours. If that isn’t passion, then I don’t know what is. SUPPORT THIS SMALL BUSINESS!

I see things like cronuts (croissant and donut) and cruffins (croissant and muffin) …  Choc Boss, maybe we can see a … I dunno… Crownie? you know… cookie and brownie? 😂

Also, small coffee shops or businesses in Cape Town, if you need something new on the menu or in your store… I say try Choc Boss.

Follow Choc Boss on Instagram: @ChocBosss



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