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{Review} I tried 3 different Sorbet Masks and I have a favourite!

One of the most used words that I have read and heard for the past few months while in lockdown, is the word “self-care”. Now obviously there are many different meanings to this word. Last week my version of selfcare was taking a few days off from social media because I had alot going on and yesterday my version of selfcare was using a sheet mask because my skin needed a little bit of a pick me up… also, #selfcaresunday . City Girl Vibe x Sorbet Masks ReviewI am currently in this sheetmask and skincare tizz that I am just so keen to try new things to keep my skin in a good condition now that we are in winter. I have decided to give these three masks a go and I am here to share my thoughts. Two of these masks are sheet masks and the other mask is a peel-off from Sorbet Man. Before I get into the post, Clicks currently has a 3 for 2 special on these masks so stick around for my review and then decide if it is worth your coin. πŸ˜‰ City Girl Vibe x Sorbet Charcoal Sheet Mask ReviewAll of these masks are extremely gentle on the skin and I love that because finding sheet masks, or rather skincare that works for skin types like mine is always a mission. As you can tell, these masks are quite “wet” but I love that about it. The excess product that remains after I remove the mask; I massage into my face and in my neck area. These masks are also not overly scented which makes it perfect to use for people with sensitive skin or those that are that not too keen on smelling something on their skin/face all day.

Charcoal Sheet Face MaskCity Girl Vibe x Sorbet Charcoal Sheet MaskI love any product that has charcoal in it. I know how much my skin loves it and also how good it is for someone that has skincare concerns like me. So if you’re a city girl… or guy like me, we know how bad air pollution and toxins are for our skin. You might want to grab this mask because it is aimed at drawing out impurities and detoxifies the skin. After using the mask, my skin felt supple and hydrated. It felt a bit tight but the feeling sort of just vanishes after a while without you even noticing it. Another thing that I love about this mask is how big it is and how it covers your entire face. This mask retails for R55 and I feel it is so worth it for an at-home spa day, pamper session or just a little skincare pick me up.

Cleansing Face MaskCity Girl Vibe x Sorbet Cleansing Sheet MaskNext up is the cleansing face mask. Bursting with freshness, this mask is for spots and blemishes. Obviously you won’t see results in a reduction of spots and blemishes after just one use of the mask but my skin ‘drank’ this mask. This is the perfect mask for dry, dehydrated and tired winter skin. This mask is packed with salicylic acid which is good for keeping pores clear, treating mild acne, reducing whiteheads and blackheads and also preventing future breakouts – that is why I would say that you need a few of these masks combined with your skincare routine before you see results. What I can say is that my skin felt instantly hydrated and also very soft. I would totally suggest this mask after a long day, removing your makeup, doing your night time skincare routine and then applying this mask before going to bed for the night.

Sorbet Man Charcoal Peek-off MaskCity Girl Vibe x Sorbet Man Face Mask Peel OffSo this mask is part of the Sorbet Man range but who cares? I am going to use it anyway! When I read charcoal, peel off and deep cleansing… I just had to have it. Can you tell that I am obsessed with charcoal beauty products? Right now, I don’t have a single blackhead on my face and if you’re a regular and then you would know how much I complain about it. This mask does exactly what it promises to do. My skin felt soft, clean and my pores even appeared smaller. I cannot wait to use this mask in the warmer months when my skin is really oily and I need a proper deep cleanse. This mask is also packed with tea tree oil. Surprisingly my skin didn’t feel stripped from its natural oils even though it felt quite cleansed. After using this peel-off mask, the moisturizer just soaks into the skin effortlessly and I found this product to work even on MY sensitive skin. This peel-off mask retails for R69 at Clicks and each sachet contains three uses.

Would I repurchase these masks? Absolutely, but with the exception of the cleansing mask as I FEEL that it requires more than one use to actually feel like your skin is reaping all of its benefits and also because spots and blemishes aren’t really something that I struggle with when it comes to my face/skin. The 3 for 2 sale is running at Clicks until the 19th of August and my Clicks Cashback rewards just got loaded… I am so keen to try the Sorbet Firming Neck and Chest Mask next, the gel eye mask and also the Sorbet Rechargeable Facial Cleanser.


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