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{Review} What’s new in my skincare routine: OXY Daily Anti-Spot Face Scrub

It seems like skincare is all I am reviewing on the blog right now. Truth be told, it is. I am at that stage where I now actually have the time to invest in a proper skincare routine and actually figure out what products I need in my skincare routine. I am really just trying to keep my skin in the best shape possible and also prevent my skin from completely acting up. This is proving to be quite a mission because of the mask wearing, winter wreaking havoc on my skin and my inability to accept that my body just cannot handle any dairy… let alone my face!

About two weeks ago I mentioned in my empties post that I had just finished my Clean & Clear – Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub and thought that it was time to find a new scrub. Besides my regular skincare concerns such as enlarged pores and blackheads, I find my skin flaking alot during winter and that was another reason why I wanted to add a gentle scrub to my routine. I stumbled across this daily scrub at Clicks for under R50 and we all know that I love a good bargain!  I have used OXY products before but it was never part of my daily routine because of how thorough it was on my skin when it came to cleaning and stripping it from dirt and it’s natural oils. They have a great line of products for those that suffer from blackheads and enlarged pores like me so it wasn’t really hard adding this to my basket.City Girl Vibe x OXY Anti Spot Face Scrub ReviewTo my surprise, this face scrub was gentle enough to use on my face everyday. It smells super fresh and also works on my overly sensitive skin. My sister that has combo skin (normal to oily) also used this scrub and quite liked it. This is the first skincare product that I have ever used where I could see instant results. My skin felt cleansed but not stripped from its natural oils. I could see a massive reduction in blackheads on my “problematic” upper cheek area after just one use, my pores even appeared smaller.

As I mentioned earlier, my skin is very flaky and I loved that this scrub removed all of the dead skin cells. Even though this is an Anti Spot Face Scrub, I cannot comment to say whether it works or not because I am fortunate enough to not have any spots on my face. I have some slight pigmentation on the few odd spots but this face scrub definitely helped with the dry skin patches on my upper cheek area caused by my cloth mask. City Girl Vibe x Oxy Anti Spot Face ScrubThe micro-beads in this scrub is quite gentle on the skin, yet thorough. Even though this scrub is marketed as being a daily scrub, I only use it every other day when my skin really needs it. This anti spot face scrub claims to have anti inflammatory properties of Phycosaccharide (Seaweed extract) in it which will fight bacteria, excess oil and reduce redness. I can only attest to excess oil control aspect of it as I find it extremely effective.

With this product removing all of the texture and dead skin on my face, I wanted to see how well my makeup sat on my skin and I am happy to report that I got such a smooth application while applying my foundation and other powder products that followed. This is by no means a new product on the market but I will definitely repurchase it and recommend it to anybody with the same skin-care concerns as me.


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