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What I am currently binge watching on Viu

A few weeks ago on the blog, I mentioned that I am really getting my money’s worth with all of my series/movies streaming subscriptions now that I am choosing to be in doors more. Another one of those services is Viu. What is Viu you ask? Viu is a video streaming provider that hosts a number of award winning local soapies, Bollywood series, Korean dramas and international reality shows – to name a few. Viu has been a lifesaver since load shedding decided to brace us with its presence again, as I download me a few of my favourite  shows to watch offline when the power goes out. You can stream your fave shows on either your phone, laptop or smart tv. City Girl Vibe x Viu South Africa Binge BoxSo last week, the lovely people over at Viu sent me an incredible Big Binge Gift Box filled with locally curated goodies. It was the best surprise that I have received in a long time as the timing was perfect! Load shedding? Winter storms? A new season of my favourite reality show? My binge box? YES PLEASE!

One thing that you might not know about me is that I am a huge reality show … aka trash television fan. Yes, I binge watch them all. To keep the balance, I also love some crime and investigation shows and movies thrown in the mix. Luckily, Viu caters to all of my lockdown entertainment needs. Today I thought that I would share some of my favourite shows that is currently on my binge list, with you. City Girl Vibe x Viu South Africa– Little Women: LA 

This is one of my favourite reality tv shows! If you haven’t heard of it before, it is a series that documents the lives of women with dwarfism in Los Angeles, California.

Making a model with Yolanda Hadid 

I just started on this series today and it reminds me of  ‘America’s Next Top Model’. Set in New York, the show is about mother and daughter duos that has to compete in challenges every week in order to get the daughter a modeling contract with Yolanda’s management company. It definitely intrigued me because Yolanda’s daughters are some of the most well-known in the fashion and model industry of our time and also Yolanda Hadid being one of the most iconic models in the 80’s.

-Dance Moms

Another one of my favourites that I am currently getting lost in is ‘Dance Moms’. The show is an unscripted reality show that documents the journey of young kids into the competitive world of dancing. You’d think it is just your average show about students learning to dance, right? wrong! It is jam packed with competitive mothers and children, hours of rehearsals and weekly dance competitions across the country. It is definitely and “eyebrow raising” show but I am hooked!

Movies and documentaries on my watchlist: 

College admissions scandal.


I love you… but I lied.

Whether I watch on my tv, laptop or on my phone with my head underneath my blanket during loadshedding, Viu has become a firm favourite in our family. My sister loves playing catch-up on all her fave soapies… and might I add, are immediately available on the site/app after it airs on tv. The app is completely free on App Store, Google Play, select smart tv’s and on the web on




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