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Clicks Skincare Collection: Travel and trial pack

A few weeks back I stumbled upon the Clicks Skincare Collection line when I did my monthly toiletries shopping. I was even happier to see that this collection had a travel and trial pack so that I could see if these skincare products worked for me before I committed to the full-sized products. Skincare is expensive and nothing is worse than committing to a full line of full-sized products, only to have them not work for you. In the Clicks Skincare Collection, there are a few different variants such as the Rooibos and Antioxidants range and the Aloe Vera & Omega 3+6 soothing and refreshing range but I chose to go with the White Tea and Q10 complex. City Girl Vibe x Clicks Skincare Collection White tea and Q10 Complex travel and trial packNow to me, you definitely cannot trial and see whether skincare works for you within a week because it takes about a month to really start seeing results but I sure as hell can tell you when skincare doesn’t work for me. Sometimes one or two products might work for you in a range but the other may not and this is another reason why this travel and trial pack is a great option. This also makes for a great toiletry bag staple when you are traveling and you don’t have to haul full-sized products with you. This trial pack retails for R62,99.

Facial CleanserCity Girl Vibe x Clicks Skincare Collection White Tea and Q10 cleanerStarting off with the cleanser in my skincare routine, the cleanser does a great job at removing excess oil and makeup from the skin without making it feel stripped and dry. The best part is that it is super gentle on the skin and is even suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. It lathers up to a light foam and the scent is like a faint floral fragrance that leaves your skin feeling fresh. I would definitely buy the full sized product in this cleanser.

Smoothing tonerCity Girl Vibe x Clicks Skincare Collection White Tea & Q10 smoothing tonerIt is very rare that I can find a toner that works for me, I have mentioned it on the blog many times before. Sadly this is one of those occasions where this toner is one of my least favourite products in the trial pack.  It dries out my face just a little bit too much and that is a common problem that I find with toners and why I am not a fan of it. I may give this one another go in the summer months when my t-zone is particularly oily but right now for my winter skin I have to give it a miss.

Day and night creamCity Girl Vibe x Clicks Skincare Collection White Tean & Q10 day and night cream - CopyIn the travel and trial pack you will also find a day and night cream to end your skincare routine with. The day cream has SPF 15 in and makes for a great addition to your winter skincare routine because contrary to popular belief, you should still use sunscreen or products with SPF in winter! Both creams are very smooth and creamy on the skin and leaves it super soft after use. It puts that moisture back into your skin especially after using the toner. I love that it isn’t heavy on the skin and I really do think that it would make a great canvas on the skin for a full face of makeup if you’re not into primers.

Aside from this travel and trial pack, I think it is such a great gift to give to someone that loves traveling, like I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago. It is also a super affordable way to test out a skincare line before completely investing in it.


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