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What is in my handbag… Lockdown addition.

If you have been a reader on my blog from way back when, then you would know what a huge obsession I have with peeping into people’s handbags. If you’re new here… Hello, Welcome, I am Tasneem – a resident nosy handbag peeper. Kidding! I just like knowing what people carry around in their handbags after I had an eye opening encounter on a bus ride home from campus in my first year of university. I won’t dive into that rabbit hole right now but if you dive deep into the blog archives and then you would most certainly find some posts of 15 fellow bloggers showing me what they carry around in their handbag. Those were fun days! Maybe I will do another series like that or similar and then my new favourite bloggers can show me what they carry around in their handbag. For now, I will show you what I carry in my handbag. City Girl Vibe What is in my handbagRewind back to three months ago, this would not be the contents of my handbag. Honestly speaking – this wouldn’t even be the handbag that I would wear because it would be too small and my usual handbag would be twice the size, if not thrice the size.ย  If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught me then it would be minimalism. In not only what I carry in my handbag but also my wardrobe, my bedroom and even the relationships that I foster. I have stripped down all of the unnecessary things and really am focusing on what I really need. city-girl-vibe-x-princess-of-jozi-bagSo I carry my handbag that I bought from Zaakira and it still remains one of my favourite handbags. Right now the size prevents me from stuffing in unnecessary things and because I’m so overly cautious and covid paranoid – I spray down my handbag whenever I come from the store. I love the versatility of this bag and also how it practically goes with every and anything.

What I carry in my handbag: This is the first time that I don’t carry a makeup bag in my handbag or even a lipstick, I usually have about three in my handbag. As you can tell the majority of the goodies in my handbag are mostly essentials and for my sinus. This is the first time ever that I have had sinus issues this time of the year and right now, sinus issues is not something that you want. Stuffy nose, headaches, congestion, post nasal drip… no thank you! I come prepared. City Girl Vibe Handbag contents

  • Zam-buk is a must for dry chapped winter lips.
  • Dettol hand sanitizer… obviously.
  • Cath Kidston hand lotion because all of these sanitizers are drying my hands out!
  • Orbit Gum because I can’t live without gum in my handbag.
  • Car key – for obvious reasons ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Synalar ointment for my skin – you guys! This is such a lifesaver of a product. It cured my Maskne in three days and is so good for flaking skin.
    City Girl Vibe Handbag
  • Saline Spray because sinus…
  • Pain Pills because sinus…
  • My phone that I have had to upgrade 4 years ago but minimalistic me doesn’t care one bit.
  • Pen – you always need a pen for some reason and I don’t want to be touching or borrowing someone else’s pen.
  • Purse – that is big enough to carry my identity book (yes I still don’t have the card) and all my other cards and some cash.
  • Inhaler – just for emergencies.
  • Soap – I love this convenient little tin with soap in that I bought in Istanbul last year. I basically use it when I am on the go and REALLY have to use the bathroom somewhere.

That is what I carry around in my handbag! Would you be keen to show me what you carry in your handbag?


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