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Fashion Friday: The Teddy Trend

Cozy up, darlings! I have a new-ish trend that I am love love loving and judging by some Insta feeds… many are loving too. I saw this trend popping up last year autumn but it didn’t quite catch like it is this season and with that also dubbing it the hottest trend of the season. The Teddy Trend has firmly positioned itself as the front runner in fashion must-haves this season and we have seen it evolve from the usual teddy hoodie, to much more sophisticated pieces like coats and gilets. I am here for it! I haven’t been this excited about a new trend in a while and now I can totally justify basically living in my huge fluffy teddy robe that I received in a media drop, since winter started.

This trend has blurred the fashion lines and is worn by women and men… heck even kids and grandparents. With it being such a versatile over garment and even accessory, you can find a way to wear it at home or even to the office because it has evolved in heaps and bounds. Now of course I am drooling over the brown Bottega Veneta teddy bag with gold chain handles and OBVIOUSLY not being able to afford it, I’m dialing it back and focusing on the teddy trends that I know I can afford and that you will love. City Girl Vibe x The Teddy TrendOh yes! I am plugging you with where to get the best teddy items here in SA. You can Thank me later! 😉 If I am being honest, I wasn’t a fan of this trend initially until I saw how this trend became more versatile in style and design and then it really started growing on me. If I had to choose my top three and then I would go with the Takealot coat for work, The Shoe Rack hoodie for lounging and then the Equillibrio gilet for weekends and errands. I’ve got this teddy trend all figured out and I want them all!

So the teddy trend isn’t exactly new and we have seen an attempt of it being introduced to the masses back in 2013 by MaxMara and not exactly quite catching on. Later in 2017 it got reintroduced by MaxMara and then really slowly making it into stores and our wardrobes. Of course if MaxMara is doing a second attempt at a trend and fashion enthusiasts taking notes, we are going to see some celebs warming up to the idea.City Girl Vibe x Celebs wearing the teddy bear trendSo while the brown teddy jacket/coat seem to be popular amongst celebs, we have been seeing an introduction to the many bold colours and also pastels. We can’t be confined in a fashion rules box, right? right! Just to give you some idea on how to rock this trend, I have chosen three celebs to show you just how to pull it off and also give some fash inspiration.

Yay or Nay for the Teddy Trend?


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