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Empties #7

Happy first of July, darlings! A new month means throwing out the old and starting the new month with some new goodies. The last time I hit publish on an empties post was in 2018. Can you believe it? 2018! If there is one good thing that came out of this pandemic (for me), then it would be that I am saving alot more money. Yes, the need to be inside has made me more aware of not going to the store for unnecessary beauty products just because it’s new and there’s a hype around it but rather to use and finish what I already have in my collection. I finished everything from start to finish and I can absolutely have a clear indication on which products work for me and what I will repurchase. City Girl Vibe x Empties 7This is the first time since I started doing empties posts on my blog, that I haven’t featured a makeup product. That is because I haven’t been wearing makeup at all. I literally only do mascara and fill my brows when I go to the store and have only done a full face of makeup once since March. Typing that out and rereading it sounds bizarre to me because I am such a makeup lover and I know my skin is loving me for it. Now that I am done shooting this post, I can finally toss out (recycle) all of the empty containers and let my “empties bin” start filling up again. Dividing it into three categories, face – body – hair, these are the items that I finished…

FaceCity Girl Vibe x Face EmptiesStarting off with face – I am such a face wash lover. It is the one beauty product that I burn through the fastest and right now it is much needed because I have been battling with Maskne for almost two months now. I have been reintroducing old and new face products into my routine since starting my J-beauty skincare journey and one of my main concerns that I had with the J-beauty skincare routine was that it didn’t assist with my blackheads. I then started using the product that I last remember worked for my blackheads and that is the Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub and it worked like a bomb! Will I repurchase it? Absolutely! Next is the Mung Bean Oil Control Cleanser – This was my lifesaver in summer as it helped control my oily t-zone. The J-beauty skincare routine didn’t work for me 100% but one of the products that I definitely will repurchase is this cleanser. The last product for my face is this gentle Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash from Himalaya Herbals. I didn’t manage to do a review on this face wash because I immediately started using it as soon as I got it and before I knew it, it was finish. This is such a great everyday facewash as it is super gentle on the face and also does a great job at removing leftover traces of makeup. I love the fresh scent to it and the best part besides the price is that it doesn’t irritate my skin. I definitely want to try more Himalaya products because the products that I have tried from this brand has always been really great for my skin.

BodyCity Girl Vibe x Body EmptiesMoving onto bath and body – I have reviewed this Mixa lotion on the blog in 2018 and I have repurchased it. I usually pull out my Mixa products when the weather becomes particularity harsh on my skin and it start to feel dry. This body lotion I started using on my hands because it has the pump bottle and I didn’t want the hassle of turning off caps. My hands really need some tlc now in the time of corona and all the hand washing and sanitizing – this is my lifesaver now. Next up is this Adidas Pure Lightness perfume that I reviewed way back in 2013 when I just started blogging. Gosh, this used to be my favourite perfume and I kept repurchasing it because it was such a gem. Somehow I forgot about this perfume and recently repurchased it but I am so disappointed in my purchase. Within in an hour, the scent is gone completely. It feels and smells like a watered down version of what it used to be and you now literally “get what you pay for”. Will I be repurchasing this? No.

HairCity Girl Vibe x Hair EmptiesWe all know what winter does to our hair, I have been using my trusty Strengthening Conditioner from Woolworths and it has been doing wonders for my split ends until I go to a hair salon. I did a full review on this conditioner a few weeks back and it has become a staple in my ‘self-care routine’. I just emptied my tube and am already onto the next one. I really have been enjoying this conditioner in my hair care routine, even though I don’t have much of a routine right now.

That is a wrap up of all the products that I have used from start to finish. Any products that have caught your eye?


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