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My current Fashion Faves for winter

Okay look, the sun is gone and I am at that point where I can literally live in my fleece gown. I feel like this is the coldest winter that we have experienced in years, maybe not – but what I do know is that I am definitely feeling the cold this year more than I have previously. I know there are 101 guides as to why you shouldn’t work from your bed but THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM DOING *cringe*… well at least for the pass 4 days.  I wake up at 5am every morning, lay in bed till 5.30am, wash, get dressed, eat, pray and then get back into bed while I start working. I resurface at about 10am and then work from the lounge where I create content for the blog and for the business that I work for. City Girl Vibe x Winter FavesWhat I currently do requires me to run quick errands and I don’t want to dress up for less than 1 hour. I basically grab pieces out of my wardrobe that are quick to throw on, comfy and will keep me warm. Today I thought that I would share some of my winter essentials that I have been loving lately and that you will still find in stores.

Vans SK8-HICity Girl Vibe x Vans High TopsI never thought that I would love these Vans as much as I do. I wore these in the summer months with my dresses and skirts and now find myself reaching for it in winter as well. They are super comfy and is so versatile. I used to be such a Converse Chuck Taylor fan but heck, those shoes were not meant for the colder months. My tootsies always felt like they wanted to freeze off. I then tried to give Vans a shot and these are one of my fave pairs of shoes that I own. At some point I will probably purchase a pair of the Old School Vans but for now, I love these high top ones as it covers my ankles and keeps my feet comfortable when running quick errands and doing some essentials shopping. These currently retails for R899 from Superbalist.

Printed PashminaCity Girl Vibe x ScarfWhenever I wear this scarf, I receive so many compliments – even when I wore it in Turkey. I received this as a gift from Saudi Arabia (Mecca) and have been wearing it religiously (excuse the pun 😉 ) ever since I got it. It goes with so many pieces and is super versatile in the way that it can be worn. I wear it on my head in either a turban style or hijab, I wear it around my neck when it’s cold or even over my shoulders. This is the only item that you can’t purchase locally but there are definitely many more options available like this one from Mr Price.

Donna JeggingsCity Girl Vibe x Donna JeggingsI needed another alternative other than leggings, the next best thing? jeggings! I am not a fan of jeans at all and it feels like such a bad thing to say because I studied and work in the fashion/retail sector but the truth be told, a good pair of jeans are hard to find if you’re a plus size girl/woman. I love denim though and I love leggings, when the two comes together and gives me jeggings? I am all for it! I bought this pair from Donna while in level 5 lockdown and I have to say that I love love love the quality. It is extremely comfortable to wear and looks good with both my sneakers and boots. If you’re a plus size girl and is on the look out for new jeans/leggings? definitely give Donna a try, this pair retails for R400.

Mr Price BeanieCity Girl Vibe x Winter BeaniesI bought these beanies from Mr Price many years ago so you probably won’t find these exact ones in store or online but there are very similar ones. What a perfect accessory to hide a bad hair day or to keep your ears warm. I kind of have a thing for pom-pom beanies and with it being winter now in South Africa, you’re bound to find beanies in all of our stores and online stores.

Melton Coat from Fashion WorldCity Girl Vibe x Fashion World Melton CoatAh! One of my favourite purchases during lockdown. Yes, I was in a “spoiling myself” mood and bought a few winter pieces online during level 5 restrictions. One of them being this grey melton coat from Fashion World. You guys! The quality of this coat is amazing and it looks super expensive – when I actually paid under R200 for it. When I am wearing something very basic like black leggings, a long sleeve black top and my Vans, I would throw this coat over and instantly look more put together. Aside from aesthetics and quality that ticks all the right boxes, this coat is super warm and cozy but doesn’t make you feel overdressed, restricted or too bulky. It definitely is one of my top purchases for the season.

That is a wrap up of my current fave pieces. As you can tell, my winter favourites list keep growing the more chillier the weather becomes. If you want to read my previous autumn/winter faves, just click here.




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