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{Life Lately} Let’s play catch-up!

You guys, have you ever felt like you’re having some sort of breakthrough? This is me right now. I have had this post in my drafts folder for a week now and I am in awe of how my mindset and approach on life changed within the space of a week. Last week I made some rash decisions but I cannot even begin to describe how much it benefited my mental health. Nonetheless, this post is a bit of a personal one so that you can catch up with me and know what you can expect on City Girl Vibe over the next few weeks and also get a ‘looksee’ into the person behind the words and keyboard. I have some exciting collaborations with some local brands that I will be sharing over here and on my socials, I cannot wait to share it with you and also give back to my readers. Keep your eyes glued because there’s something in it for you too!

Here goes… Life lately;

I miss Cape Town summer
City Girl Vibe x Seapoint SunsetMan oh man do I miss sunset strolls on the Promenade. I know it is such a Cape Town thing but heck, it’s my thing. This was my ‘go to’ activity in the summer months but I feel like it was cut short due to “our situation”, I don’t even have to say what situation because we are all experiencing it. Yes, I am able to catch the sunset every odd day here and there in winter but to be honest, I just want to stay home as much as possible and go out when I really need to. I am such a sunset chaser and without sounding too profound, to me sunsets represents change and transformation. My closest people and I would stroll the Promenade until the sun disappeared completely behind the Atlantic Ocean and then drive off to Mc D’s to eat before heading home. I long for Cape Town summers and I cannot wait for the days that we can safely gather at the Promenade again.

What I am currently watching

Lately I have really been getting my money’s worth with my Netflix and Showmax subscriptions. Since I have been at home so much, I have been catching up with all of my series and watching new movies. I recently watched the series finale of The Big Bang Theory and it was a roller-coaster of emotions. There are many people that don’t like Big Bang but it was one of the very few series that I committed to and thoroughly enjoyed. At some point I want to watch from season 1 to 12 again and then really be done with the series… for now. I am currently watching Survivor season 37 and I forgot bow much I loved survivor. The last time I watched survivor was in high school, so it was really nice recapping. I am officially hooked.

Reminiscing on Istanbul City Girl Vibe x Istanbul TurkeyOn this day one year ago, I was one week into my trip in Istanbul. It is a whole year later and I feel like it was just yesterday. I miss the place. The vibe. The culture. I will be back without a doubt. At the moment I definitely don’t have any travel plans for a while even after covid but I have been looking at some travel destinations. A girl can dream, you know? If I could relive my Turkish dreams then I absolutely would!

I love podcasts City Girl Vibe x Travel PodcastI am a pure radio lover by heart. I cannot drive in silence so the music on the radio is what keeps me sane when I drive. Now the thing with listening to music on the radio is that at some point the music stops and you have to listen to the djs and also the news. All you hear on the news is COVID-19 and my mental health couldn’t handle it anymore. My new fave thing was to turn off the radio and listen to some podcasts. It was the best decision that I could make and I am at that point where I now recommend it to other people, especially if you’re battling with anxiety right now. At the moment I am travel obsessed so that is the type of podcasts that I am listening to. It is such a great escape and you feel like you’re being transported to that destination. There are many podcasts and genres out there and it takes some time finding podcasters that you like but when you find your “perfect match”, you’ll become addicted real quick.

And that is a wrap up from me. As you can tell, not much has been happening on my end but I have been working behind the scenes. Please do keep an eye out for my local colabs coming soon, I can’t wait to share it with you darlings!



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