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{Travel} 6 Great Gift Ideas For The Travel Obsessed.

I know we won’t be traveling abroad (or locally) for a vacation anytime soon. It is kind of sad but the best way to actually make yourself feel better about the whole situation is to look forward to something. For me, that “something” is to travel again. I don’t have any plans to travel once covid has been contained but what this period gives me is time to save up some money for when I can and will travel again. I am a list maker by nature. Whether it is a wish-list, a to-do list or a chores list, I am always armed and ready. Today I thought that I would list a few of my favourite things that I think would make the perfect gift idea for the traveler in your life. City Girl Vibe x 6 great gifts ideas for the travel obsessedNow this list will obviously vary depending on the type of traveler that you or the person that you’re going to be gifting something to. I didn’t add things like a charging bank because these days our airports are packed with charging stations and even facilities available when ‘you’re in the sky’.

Click Skincare Collection – Travel and trial packCity Girl Vibe x Clicks Skincare Collection Travel and Trial KitI recently stumbled across this set at Clicks and it retailed for about R60. I thought that it would be the perfect gift for someone that loves to travel as it means that you don’t have to take along your full sized beauty products – as well as take up some space in your luggage. There are other sets in this collection that targets other skincare concerns and I am pretty sure if you’re going to gift a loved one with something like this then you would know a little bit about their skin concerns. I cannot even stress this enough but a solid skincare regime is so important when traveling because your skin tends to really “struggle” in new climate conditions. I wish I knew this thought of this the first time I traveled.

Globetrotter Travel GuideCity Girl Vibe x Travel GuideWhen I first traveled to Dubai, my sister gifted me the Globetrotter Travel Guide to Dubai and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this book. Obviously you’re going to buy a travel guide book depending on the destination that the individual will be travelling to but this is such a nifty gift. When I fly, there are thousands of movies, series, documentaries and even music available but I like giving my eyes a break from the screen and this type of book is the perfect escape for me. Not only does it build up excitement for your much awaited adventure but it is also packed with tips for visitors, places to eat, shop and visit, top destinations to visit when there and also maps that will prevent you from getting lost (even though that can be fun too  😉 ).

Air Pollution MaskCity Girl Vibe x Hair Pollution MaskPre-covid, this would have been labelled an “air pollution” mask that is such a necessity when visiting some countries. Post covid (yes, I am being optimistic) everyone will have a few masks but I think it would also make a great gift to give a cute printed or personalized one to a wanderlust traveler. Many stores are packed with masks and I am sure you will find the perfect one for the person that you’re going to be gifting it to.

Typo Travel Zip JournalCity Girl Vibe x Typo Travel Zip JournalLast year at work someone gifted me this journal and I thought that it was such a thoughtful and beautiful gift for a traveler, even more so if they’re a content creator. It has a checklist inside where it lists the things you have to pack, a layout of all your important contacts, a detailed itinerary log, your daily adventure guide list and many more. If you’re a content creator, I think it is the perfect little addition as it would help you keep track of everything that you did once you get back and start creating your blog posts. Another thing that I love about this journal is the purse/zipped compartment that it has. It’ll allow you to keep your important things in there like your passport, visa and even ’emergency’ funds. It was a little pricey (retails for R300 at Typo) but is such a beautiful gift idea that I think anybody would love to receive.

XpresSpa Travel Neck PillowCity Girl Vibe x Xpres Spa Travel Neck PillowI would never survive a long haul flight without a travel pillow. This particular pillow is from XpressSpa, that is scattered across airports all around the world. If you turn it inside out then its a neck pillow (as pictured at the top of this post) but when you put it in storage or pack it away and then you can turn it into a plush toy. A good quality neck pillow is such a great investment as it’s something that you can use for years and years and I found this particular brand to be so so so great, as I have felt sh*tty neck pillows before, that I would never be able to personally use.

Instax Mini 9City Girl Vibe x Instax Mini 9My regular readers already know how I feel about my Instax Mini 9. Now of course this is a very expensive gift to give someone but if it’s someone close to you and then it really is a lovely gift. You don’t necessarily have to gift this particular Instax as there are many releases after it but I love the whole process of trying to “get the perfect” shot before someone walks in front of you and the element of surprise because you don’t know how your picture will come out. I remember my sister and I struggling to take a picture of me with the Instax in front of the Galata Tower in Istanbul and my brother inlaw stopping people from walking in front of us… what a huge LOL moment but definitely one of those travel memories that I will never forget. AND the picture came out amazing! If they already have an Instax, you could always buy them the travel themed film.

That is it from me! I will probably do a recap of this post when I get to travel again and when my “perfect gifts” changes. What do you think is the perfect gift to give the traveler in your life?


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