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Fashion Friday: Loungewear

Listen, it seems loungewear is the latest buzzword in the world of fashion and we seem to be hearing it more often since lockdown. For those that don’t know what it is, it’s basically clothing that is suitable for relaxing and laying around at home. Something we have all been doing at some point during lockdown. Loungewear has been around since forever and we all have it in our wardrobe but all it takes is for some Instagram folks to throw a term around for a few days and voila! We are now dubbing “house clothes” as loungewear and heading out to store… or shopping online, to get in on this trend.

Now obviously if you’re at home, you want to be your most comfortable and like I said, loungewear has been around since forever but I love seeing the new take that we have taken on the trend. While we are all forced to stay home, we are forced to work from home as well, this means that we have to look presentable for Zoom meetings. when I say presentable, I don’t mean corporate outfits. That is where loungewear comes in! City Girl Vibe x Loungewear trendNow that we are on a full-swing steam train into winter here in South Africa, it seems like loungewear became “popular” at the perfect time. Our clothing stores are packed with the most comfy and warm loungewear that you can think of, as well as chic! let’s not forget, chic! I can now see why fashion enthusiasts are so crazy about this trend. I rounded up some of my favourite standout pieces when I compiled my post. I am in love with the tie-dye set from Belle Boutique. The set also comes in a few different shades.

Even though loungewear is supposed to be worn when lazing around and relaxing at home, I see it as the perfect outfit to wear when doing some essentials shopping. The piece from Truworths is the perfect toss up between lounging at home and still being able to wear it when working back at the office fulltime. You’re definitely not restricted with this trend. City Girl Vibe x Celebs wearing loungewear It seems that celebs are loving the whole loungewear vibe as well. It has become the uniform for errands. Easy to throw on and can be styled in so many ways. I am particularly in love with J’lo’s outfit as it is something that I can definitely see myself wearing.

What are your thoughts on the loungewear trend? Yay or Nay?


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