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{Review} Colours Limited- My lockdown makeup faves

Listen, I am a huge huge huge fan of retail stores own in house beauty brands. I have tried quite a few and always have luck with some of those products and today I thought that I would share three of my current favourite makeup products that I have been wearing everyday for the past three weeks that I have been back at work. Today I will be featuring the brand; Colours Limited from Foschini. One thing that I have come to notice with these in house brands is that they are so underrated but believe me when I tell you, have some of the best beauty products at super affordable prices.City Girl Vibe x Colours Limited Makeup ReviewI don’t have a makeup routine right now because I wear a mask 5 days a week for 9 hours, without removing it. Yes. 9 hours! I wish I could say that I am exaggerating but I don’t even remove it to eat because I am currently fasting. Nonetheless, with no makeup routine in sight, the focus is on my eyes because that is clearly the only facial feature visible (and my forehead).  Let me chat a bit about my fave products that I got as a gift for my birthday a few months back.

Colours Limited Brow KitCity Girl Vibe x Colours Limitd Eyebrow KitI haven’t used an eyebrow kit in years because hides in shame I have been using the same kit since the last time I posted about it on the blog. I felt like it was time to introduce a new item in my brow routine and tossed the one that I have been using. Let me just add that this is a super versatile product that will literally suit each and every brow shade and if there’s not a specific shade to match your brow colour, you can always mix and match shades until you find your perfect shade. The shades are super pigmented and a little product goes a long way. This is a powder based product and I find it works best for me as I have better control over the product than I would if I had to use a gel or pencil. I find this brow kit to be super handy at maintaining the appearance of my brows at the moment as I am not going to be seeing my ‘brows guy’ anytime soon and having to DIY my own brows. This powder stays put the entire day and all that I have  to do to remove it is use a makeup remover or a facial wipe. This kit is one of the very few palettes that I own where I actually love the applicator that comes with the palette. It may be small but it gets the job done and does a great job at it. It is compact enough to pop in my makeup bag and the best part is that it retails for R49.95.

Colours Limited Plumping MascaraCity Girl Vibe x Colours Limited Plumping MascaraNow this product requires a little bit of finessing but man oh man! when you get it right, you’re going to enjoy it. The wand might be slightly intimidating but it does a great job at coating the lashes and separating them to give you those full-doll-like lashes. One dip in the tube is enough to coat your entire lashes and should you go back in for another dip, it’ll be too much product on the wand. This is a very ‘wet’ mascara so tread lightly. I have been blessed with a good set of naturally long lashes and this mascara blends with my lashes so well. The first day of work after lockdown, people thought that I had gone for eyelash extensions (I kid you not!). I had to learn how to use this mascara and I have to constantly remind myself that “less is more” because your eyelashes can easily clump when you apply too much mascara. Another thing that I love about this mascara is that it doesn’t rub off easily and cause panda eyes even though it doesn’t claim to be waterproof. If you do manage to give this mascara a try, don’t give up on it after the first use because TRUST ME- it is a great addition to your makeup and makes for a good “eyelash popping moment”. This mascara retails for R42,99 at Foschini.

Colours Limited Duo Lipstick and GlossCity Girl Vibe x Colours Limited Duo Lipstick and GlossWhen I started out using makeup, this type of lip products used to be my favourite! This shade of lippie is my go-to for winter and I can see it suiting alot of skintones. I don’t wear alot of lip products at the moment because of the mask and that is a real bummer as I wore lipstick everyday of my life since I started wearing makeup. So when I get into my car after work, sanitize, I sweep either the gloss or the lipstick over my lips and it gives my lips the most moisturizing burst of colour. This duo lippie is stunning enough to wear on its own or even together and it sits comfortable on the lips. I would say this lipstick falls between a creamy and a satin finish as it fades like a light stain. This duo is not the most pigmented lipstick around but it is quite wearable and you can layer it in order to make the colour appear more bolder. The gloss side of the lippie feels like a lip balm on the lips and isn’t sticky or runny at all, it also smells like grapes, which is a huge plus for me. You can pick this duo up for R33,95 at Foschini stores.

Those are pretty much the only makeup products that I am using at the moment. They all retail for under R50 and should definitely make their way into your basket the next time you find yourself doing some essential winter clothing shopping. Which item are you keen to try out?




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