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{Review} My two holy grail autumn beauty products from Wbeauty

It seems that on the blog this week, we’re all about selfcare and how to prep and keep your skin supple and hydrated this autumn/winter. Today I thought that I would share my two favourite holy grail items from Woolworths that I have been using to keep my skin and hair in the best shape possible and that you can purchase as an essential item when going shopping during lockdown. As I mentioned, both these items can be found at Woolworths for under R80 and you can even purchase it online if you don’t want to go in store.  City Girl Vibe x WBeauty FavouritesWoolies has really been BRINGING it with their WBeauty collection and after the lockdown has been lifted, I really want to try and invest in more of their makeup and beauty products. I have used a few of their beauty products before and remember reviewing a Woolworths lipbalm on the blog many years ago (when I just started blogging). The woolies lip balm made it into my basket many times after that and now I feel like I need to share my new favourite beauty must haves from the brand.

Woolworths Smoothing Conditioner For Dry, Frizzy HairCity Girl Vibe x WBeauty Strengthening ConditionerIt seems like my hair and scalp is taking the hardest beating this season change. My hair is extremely dry and brittle and it felt like the conditioner that I was using wasn’t doing the trick anymore and so I decided to pull out the ‘big guns’ and use this strengthening conditioner that I purchased for R69.99 for 250ml. Now lets rewind just a little bit; I have used this conditioner many times before, since December when I purchased it the first time and then stored it away because I wanted to only use it when I really needed it. If your hair needs a “pick me up” or restoration from the use of hot styling tools – this is the conditioner for you. This conditioner is packed with argan oil, wheatgrass, kale, carob and coconut oil extracts to moisturize the hair, while menthol cools the scalp. It is especially formulated to help smooth out dry and frizzy hair – which what I live for in a conditioner.

Let me add; this conditioner smells delicious and super high end. It reminds me of the little packet of conditioner/treatment that you get in the at home hair dye kits. The consistency is thick and creamy and coats your hair perfectly but without weighing it down. I wash my hair with my usual shampoo (for my scalp condition) and the soothing nature of this conditioner is gentle enough for my sensitive scalp. I apply this conditioner and let it absorb into my hair for a good few minutes before rinsing it out of my hair. It makes my hair super soft and alot more manageable as I have quite a thick strand. Back in the December/January summer holidays, I applied this conditioner to my hair before swimming as the the chlorine really weakens my hair – this product was such a lifesaver at protecting my hair and ever since then I have been recommending it to everyone complimenting my hair and its healthy shine. It really is a gem.

Woolworths Milk Unwind Body ScrubCity Girl Vibe x WBeauty Unwind Body ScrubI have always been a huge body scrub fan and when I stumbled upon this one a few weeks back, I popped it into my basket immediately because I knew that my winter skin would be needing it. After I wash my body with my in-shower mousse, I slather this all over my body and use my exfoliating gloves to massage it into my skin in circular motions before rinsing it off. It smells super good and is my perfect type of winter scent with hints of almond. In general, I am huge on exfoliation especially because it removes dead skin cells and I found this one to be super gentle on the skin and great at brightening my skin now that everything goes ashy in the colder months.

The scent lingers on your skin and the product itself is so good at promoting better hydration and absorption for your moisturizer. This is a great mild body scrub that is gentle on your skin and even works like a bomb on my sensitive skin. I have become extremely “germ conscious” of late and have took to washing myself with Dettol and if you’ve done this before (or growing up in a coloured household :D) you would know how ashy this makes your skin, especially your legs. This scrub is perfect for my after Dettol wash and removes some of the Dettol smell. The unwind body scrubs retails at R80 for 200ml.

Woolworths has quite a few promotions happening on their online store, when you do your online shopping – maybe pop this into your cart? Is there any other Woolies branded bath & body or beauty products that I should try next?



5 thoughts on “{Review} My two holy grail autumn beauty products from Wbeauty

  1. Hello, I really like your post because it’s really complete ☺️ Did you if I can find this brand in France or if the website is in French too ? Like that I can order and be delivered in France ahah

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