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Fashion Friday: The Peasant Dress

Happy Friday darlings! So I skipped Fashion Friday last week because I was having an off-ish day as lock was really getting to me. This week I decided to change just that by reading up on some fashion and also thinking back on which clothing items I remember seeing girls rock before lockdown. Now by judging by the title of this post, you will most probably have gathered that I am talking about the peasant dress. I have such a love for this trend and I can’t wait to unpack the modern day peasant dress in this post so that you can see just how versatile this dress is.

If you’re from South Africa and then you might be wondering how the heck you can wear the peasant dress in autumn/winter? Layering, darlings! Layering! Layering is such a common word in the fashion industry right now and we even saw it come up in my Fashion Friday edit two weeks ago when I chatted about the “organza trend”. If you have been keeping up with my blog posts then you would know that I featured the peasant dress in my Black Friday wishlist with Superbalist and then I later went on to buy it and it featured in my current faves post on Monday. I really am embracing and loving this trend before it even became “a thing” because of it’s versatility and the many roles that it can take on. City Girl Vibe x The Peasant Dress TrendWhen I say that this is a versatile trend then I mean it! You can go for the vintage look, boho inspired, feminine or even a biker inspired look pairing it with boots and a leather jacket – which is probably how I will try and incorporate this dress into my wardrobe this autumn/winter. Stockings or leggings under this dress also never hurt anybody. This trend really has come a long way since the medieval times and designers have been putting a more modernized spin on the peasant dress to prevent it from looking too dated.

Speaking on the versatility of this dress, they come in all lengths and sizes and you seldom find inclusivity in fashion these days. That is why I adore this trend! Modest dressers can have in on this trend too. The Mr Price and Truworths options are the perfect pick for modest dressers and the length of it not only makes for a great winter dress but allows you to layer under to keep you cozy. This trend might seem “loud” but there is definitely something in it for the minimalist as well. If you want a more muted approach then you can always opt for the black peasant dress for Woolworths. Any one of these dresses can take you from day time office ready to night time drinks, instantly. City Girl Vibe x Celebs wearing the peasant dressWhether you’re from Hollywood or Bollywood, this trend is definitely TRENDING! The navy with red embroidery dress from Zara was selling out like hot cakes last year. We saw so many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities embracing it, no wonder it kept selling out. I love the vintage look that SJP took with this dress, how she or her stylist prevented it from letting it look dated and of course – if it is good enough for Carrie Bradshaw then it is fabulous enough for us!

That is it from me on this week’s fashion friday edit. Yay or Nay for the peasant dress? Will you be embracing this trend post lockdown?


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