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I haven’t shared my favourites on the blog in a while, so today I thought that it would be the perfect time to do so. I usually divide it into “beauty” and “fashion” favourites but I don’t really have alot of things that I am totally crazy about at the moment and that I gravitate towards because everything that I like is pretty much basic and my fashion favourites are things I wear when going out to buy essentials or at least look a little bit decent when doing video calls with friends and family.  City Girl Vibe x Current Faves April 2020All of the goodies that I will be featuring in today’s post is things that I have been enjoying since summer and have been constant favourites that I have been enjoying. Some of these items you will most probably not find in stores or online but there’s many similar items in-store (not that you can buy it now) or online. First up, here are my beauty favourites that I have been loving lately.

Beauty FavouritesCity Girl Vibe x Current Beauty FavesIn my “Lippies I’m loving at the moment” post, I featured two of the lippies in the Smudge Luxurious Collection and this set of versatile lip products have become my absolute favourite lippies to wear. I may be in my home 24/7 but I still wear lip products even though I am giving my face a total break from makeup. I feel like this set is super affordable and it is literally (in my opinion) the perfect set for those starting off in lipstick as it has both bold and neutral shades. Even for someone that is looking to add to their lipstick collection, this is the perfect purchase. It consists of two lippglosses and three lipsticks. The one gloss in the collection does however feel like a liquid lipstick to me and I love that about it. I am not completely sure what this retails for (I purchased it in the December period) at Clicks when they had the “buy three and get the cheapest one free” special.

I haven’t used Avon products in a while as my usual Avon rep no longer sells anymore. I found this duo in my beauty cupboard while doing some spring cleaning and I cannot even begin to describe how this is without a doubt some of the best products that I have used from Avon. This is the Green Tea and Verbena range, I wish I had purchased the entire collection as I am absolutely besotted with this fragrance. The room mist is such a treat as it really gives your room a burst of freshness and when the fragrance settles onto your linen or fabric furnishing – it lingers in the space for quite some time. The body lotion is another treat that I enjoy as it moisturizes the skin, especially now that we’re headed into the colder months and also makes for a great addition to your “self care” routine in these uncertain times.

My current handbag staple is this Pink Panther hand cream that I purchased at Miniso last year. It promises to hydrate your hands and it does deliver on it’s promise. My hands are extremely dry at the moment because of all of the washing and alcohol based hand sanitizers that I have been using. This hand cream is super moisturizing and is the perfect size to just pop into your handbag or just keep at your desk.

Fashion Favourites.City Girl Vibe x Current Fashion FavesI have been eyeing this peasant dress from Superbalist since last year when I collaborated with them on their Black Friday campaign and then I gave in and bought it for myself. I totally regret not buying it in both colours because I love this dress. I wore it right through summer and even now that the weather is changing a bit. I may have to pack it away until September bit it has become one of my favourites in my wardrobe. It is so easy to just throw on and go about my day, whether I am heading off to work or staying indoors now. This dress retailed for R649 but isn’t available on Superbalist anymore. They do however have similar styles.

This navy blue satchel was a gift from my mom and I have been wearing it religiously since I got it. It is the perfect size handbag that prevents me from hauling too much things in my handbag and I love that it holds everything that I need. I tend to wear this satchel with the peasant dress and it actually looks super cute together. It is the perfect no mess, no fuss type of handbag that I don’t have to fidget with much.

Lastly, I purchased these platforms from Clothing Junction back in Jan and I have to say that I have a love/hate relation with it. I love it because of the height that it gives me and how cute they look but they broke before. I had to glue the entire sole as it broke just after two wears and I couldn’t return it because I lost my receipt. Apart from it breaking, wearing these in took a long time. It cut me on the left foot, where the strap connects to the sole but luckily I managed to maneuver it a little bit and thus being one of my most comfiest pair of sandals right now. It is kinda alot of “effort” but I have come to love them. I guess it’s a case of  “you get what you pay for” as I paid R120 for it. I will however buy myself a similar pair from Superbalist later in the year so that I know that I am actually getting a good quality pair of shoes.

That is it for my current favourite items. Any items that caught your eye?


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