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{Review} Sephora Faves

Happy Monday darlings! Today I am back with another Sephora review that will probably be the last for a very long time because A) We don’t have a single Sephora in South Africa, B) I won’t be travelling anytime soon, C) Nobody I know will be traveling anytime soon and C) Nobody is traveling right now. Okay, let me stop with the dramatics and let me get into today’s post I really do love Sephora. I have had these goodies since my Turkey trip and I thought that I would share it with my online fam now.

Sephora is like a heaven of beauty and skincare products. Every possible mainstream brand you can think of. We all know the popular brands that us beauty lovers usually go for but surprisingly, I am always more captivated by the Sephora brand itself. It is super easy on the pocket compared to other brands stocked at Sephora and you really do get quite alot of gems in the collection – that become real makeup bag and skincare routine staples. City Girl Vibe x Sephora FavesSo I have tried quite a few of the Sephora branded products and I have had some great luck with most of the products. If you want to read up on those product reviews, just type it in the search bar at the top right hand side.  Righto! First up:

Acai Hair Sleeping MaskCity Girl Vibe x Sephora Acai Hair MaskI have a full review on this Sephora Acai Hair Sleeping Mask that I did on the blog last week, just click here. I have been doing some self care while in lockdown and this product has been one of my faves. It is so nourishing for my locks and and has been prepping my hair perfectly for the fast approaching cold months. These past few days we have been getting a taste of what our Cape Town winters are going to be like and I couldn’t be more happier with trying something like this on my hair before winter finally hits.

Waterproof Triple action cleansing water + oilCity Girl Vibe x Sephora Waterproof tripple action cleansing water + oilSo this product will fall in the lines of a micellar water. With all micellar waters that I have ever seen and used, you have to shake it so that the water and oil mixes and with this product it is exactly the same. At the moment I have days where my skin completely acts up and my skin is super sensitive. Any fragrant products irritates my skin instantly when it is like that, some days I have found this product to be too harsh on my skin. Back in December my skin was in a really great place and I remember graduation day I went full on glam and this cleansing water helped removed my makeup like a bomb! I did however still need wipes as the oil content in this cleansing water moved the makeup around instead of remove it completely. HOWEVER, when I do my everyday makeup routine then this cleansing water is enough to remove all of my makeup. If you have dry skin then you will really enjoy this cleansing water as it is very moisturizing due to the oil in it. Seeing that one’s eyes are the most sensitive thing on the body, surprisingly I found this to be the most gentle on my eyes. If you have ‘normal, to dry’ akin and then you will really enjoy this product but I still prefer Sephora’s Micellar Cleansing Milk over this cleansing water. This retailed for R160.44 at the time of purchase.

Morning Zest Foaming Hand WashCity Girl Vibe x Sephora Morning Zest Foaming HandwashI have such a great appreciation for this foaming hand wash, especially now that we are inundated with Covid19 news and preventive measures. One of those preventative measures are to wash your hands regularly and this hand wash makes it such an easy and effortless task for me. My favourite thing about this hand wash is the fragrance, You guys! I am besotted with it! It smells super fresh and zesty. Usually I am not a fan of citrus scents but this fragrance is quite captivating.  It is a firm favourite in my household. Two pumps is enough for an entire 20 second hand wash and it doesn’t leave your hands feeling dry or stripped. The citrus scent lingers on your hands long after your wash. I also used this hand wash to wash my makeup brushes and it gives your brushes a nice refreshing scent. The consistency of this product is gel like and lathers up quite nicely. The bottle itself is really easy to disinfect (yes I do that… you know, germs and all).  This hand wash retailed for R92 at the time of purchase.

And that is it! My current fave items from Sephora that I will be featuring on the blog for a long time. Which is your stand outs? Thank you for reading darlings.


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