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{Review} Sephora Acai hair sleeping mask

At this stage, doing beauty reviews seems a bit pointless but I guess nothing is stopping us from creating wishlists and having some reading material, right? I hope. So my hair is currently way past it’s due date for a trim and treatment. While having all of the time on my hands right now, I have been sorting through all of my clothes and decided to take my winter clothes out of my suitcase, which is when I discovered the Sephora Acai Hair Sleeping Mask. Speaking of winter, the change in weather has already started taking it’s toll on my hair and skin so any sorts of temporary solution for those struggles is what I am aiming for!City Girl Vibe x Sephora Acai Hair Mask ReviewI have tried some of Sephora’s masks before and I know it is always trial and error so having more than one is a MUST for me. Let me just give you a quick introductory into my hair at the moment. It is split ends central and the change in weather is causing my hair to be extremely dry – especially the ends and the crown. This is a clear indication that I AM IN DIRE NEED OF A TRIM. Nonetheless, I followed the instructions to the T on how to achieve the best results and decided to give my hair a little at home treatment until I can get to my hairdresser… or maybe as a preventative measure for not cutting my own hair. City Girl Vibe x Sephora Acai Overnight Hair Mask ReviewIn the packet you will find a hair cap and the Acai mask. Let me just add that the hair mask smells amazing! I followed the instructions by washing my hair the morning (even though it didn’t specify this but thought that it would only be logical) and then let it air dry till night time before applying the mask. I applied the mask all over but specifically focusing on the ends and then popped the night cap on.

Number one – this hair cap wasn’t created for the girl with the long hair or people with “lots of hair”. Number two – There is not enough product for the girl with long hair and “lots of hair”.City Girl Vibe x Sephora Acai Overnight Hair MaskAside from the cap falling off the entire night, at one point I just let it go and had my pillow smelling like delicious Acai. If you have naturally oily hair then this mask is not for you as it will be too heavy for your hair and too moisturizing. I fall in the category of naturally oily hair, so after I rinsed the mask from my hair the morning – I took a tad bit of shampoo (not as much as I would if I had washed my hair as I normally would) and did the reverse washing technique. Did I mention how amazing this mask smells? super luxe and super high-end! If I had to redo one thing then it would be to not use it as an overnight mask but rather for an hour or two and then rinse it off so that I don’t do the reverse washing technique and get the full benefits of the mask.City Girl Vibe x Sephora Acai Hair MaskAside from the burst of freshness that this masks gives your hair, it also gives your hair a really beautiful shine. It made my hair alot more manageable and tamed the frizz especially on the crown. I know it is just a mask but I was hoping that the results would last beyond one wash but after I washed my hair again a few days later, my hair went back to its “natural state”. The Acai Hair Sleeping Mask retails for 28.90TL (R82.44) per mask and I do feel it is a tad pricey for a very temporary solution. I did however love the results and will definitely pop it into my basket should I find myself at a Sephora again someday… seeing that we don’t have a Sephora in South Africa oh dear G*d, why not?! 




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