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Fashion Friday: The Alice Band

Fashion friends, I am back! Back with another Fashion Friday edit and back to bringing you the latest in the “what to wear” by the “who’s who” in the fashion world. Look at me sounding all fashion editor like. Nonetheless, Today I will be chatting about, what some dubs as the “humble headband” or us here in South Africa – the alice band. Let me get a little bit historic… or vintage, you choose – for just a second. We’ve really come a super long way since the alice band became a thing. Alice bands first started as a practical  accessory way back in the 20th century, that was commonly used by tennis players (if you want to read about the “birth” of the headband, read this nifty little article that I found online) but later saw it evolving more and more over the eras.

I work in fashion so I love staying up to date with new trends and it seems that hair accessories are really having a moment this season. We saw the statement hair clip make such a huge comeback and scarves wrapped around your bun, to now having alice bands on all the major runways like Prada and Versace. You know that when it appears on all those runways, there will definitely be a more affordable version for us fashion loving people on a budget. Without permission ofcourse I take the liberty of finding those affordable ones or even higher end ones for all those darlings that would love to embrace the humble headband.City Girl Vibe x The Alice Band Trend 2020So it seems that fashion folks – from the Duchess of Cambridge to Hollywood’s elite, all wanting in on the headband. Now of course we’re not going to follow celebs to the T so I have rounded up a nice variety of alice bands that might tickle your fashion bone. It seems like everyone wants to go with the “bigger the better”  version but of course that is not for everyone. There is an alice band for everyone and every occasion at every price point.

I am really battling to choose my favourite one so I will go with a top three, in no particular order – I am obsessed with the one from Poetry, Zando and Truworths. All three have such different takes on the alice band trend but they’re all such statement pieces. I feel like the alice band can really elevate your look and take your from a boring hairstyle to a ready to go fash forward babe. City girl vibe x celebs wearing the chunky alice band trendSo I am just gonna come out and say it… I WANT DAKOTA JOHNSON’S ALICE BAND! OMG! I have absolutely nowhere to wear something so OTT to but heck knows that I WILL find the time and the place. Everything about the look is so wrong but so right. I know it is not for everyone but I am living for her look. The above celebs are the perfect example of showing you how to take the alice band from 2009 Blair Waldorf to a modern day muse.

That is it from me today. Yay or nay for the heand band/alice band trend?


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