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Lippies I’m loving at the moment #7

Beauty is the last thing on anyone’s mind right now but in between all of this ‘chaos’ and scary times, writing about things that I enjoy seems to be my only saving grace in keeping me sane in these trying times. That and the fact that I haven’t shared my favourite lip products with my readers seems to be the perfect post to share on the blog and also have you make a little wishlist on which products you should pop in your beauty basket the next time we get the opportunity to shop for makeup again. City Girl Vibe x Lippies I'm loving at the moment #7Today I have picks for those on a budget and a higher end option. Surprisingly I am shocked with my selections but I really have been stepping away from my usual bold lipsticks and exploring more with colours and textures. First up –

Citi Girl Lipstick in Black CherryCity Girl Vibe x Citi Girl Lipstick in Black CherryThis brand is really starting to grow on me. I have tried some of their other makeup before and the last time I went shopping, I popped this shade into my basket and I have no regrets. This lippie has vitamin E in it and sits really comfortably on the lips. The shade may be “black cherry” but it is not as deep as it appears to be. It gives your lips a beautiful flush of colour and is suitable for everyday wear… well atleast for me. this lippie looks stunning even when it starts fading during the day. If you want maximum colour payoff, you have to apply it generously but it does last for quite a long time on the lips. If I had to classify the type of lippie that this is then I would say it is a mixture of a cream and long-wearing. I paid just under R30 for it at my local Edgars store.

Smudge LipglossCity Girl Vibe x Smudge LipglossOkay, so if you’re a regular reader then this product will come as a total shock to you as all my regulars know that I AM NOT A GLOSS GIRL AT-ALL! I got this lippie in a set that I had purchased at Clicks in December and one day on a total whim, I popped this gloss over lined lips and I can’t even begin to describe the level of pure glazed donut perfection that this lipgloss gave. This is quite a pigmented gloss and I think the reason why I like it so much is because it reminds me of a liquid lipstick more than it does a gloss. It does have that sticky feeling as you would expect from a gloss but it isn’t very goopy and the stickiness is very minimum. It has a really yummy berry scent to it and I have been enjoying wearing it on it’s own and over lip liners.

Smudge Matte Lipstick in FrostCity Girl Vibe x Smudge Matte Lipstick in FrostAnother shocker of a shade if you’re a regular on the blog and it seems the Smudge brand is really pushing me out of my makeup comfort zone. This is another lippie that I got in a different Smudge Makeup set (it was on the Clicks 3 for 2 deals in December) and I am surprised at how much I like this lipstick. However, I cannot wear this lippie on it’s own as it “washes” me out completely. Brown neutral undertones seems to suit my complexion better so I either wear a thin layer of brown/neutral lipstick underneath or I fill my lips with a brown lip pencil. I quite like the packaging of this lippie as well. It sits really comfortably on the lips for a matte lipstick and isn’t drying at all.

Just Be Gorgeous LipstickCity Girl Vibe x Just Be Gorgeous LipstickThis  lipstick has really been used every other day for the past few months. It has become a staple in makeup-bag and is my go-to everytime I am stumped for a lippie to wear on a particular day. I always receive compliments when I wear this lippie and I find it to be extremely versatile. If I want a subtle kiss of colour on the lips and then I would go for one layer on the lips. If I want an intense, deep and rich colour, I would layer my lips generously and won’t reapply this lippie at all during the day. I paid round about R20 for it at Jet and is always at the top of my recommendations list for a budget friendly lipstick option. It is extremely creamy but very long lasting and doesn’t settle into the fine lines on your lips.

Lancôme Rouge In Love City Girl Vibe x Lancome Rouge In Love LipstickSo my last lippie is a bit of a splurge item that I got as a gift from my bestie on grad day and I have been cherishing it for special occasions. This is by no means a new item in the Lancôme line but it retails for R340 at Woolworths. I had to “learn” how to use this lipstick and make it work for me. This lipstick is extremely creamy, when I say extremely I mean you have to work with caution or it smudges everywhere. I found that the best way for me to use this lipstick is with a brush or else too much product gets applied and your lips feels heavy with product. If you have dry lips then this lippie is definitely for you. It gives the lips a glow to it and hydrates your lips instantly. The packaging is one of my favourite things as it feels quite luxe and heavy. For some reason this lipstick makes me feel quite nostalgic as the scent reminds me of what lipstick used to smell like when I was a kid.

That is a wrap up of all my fave lippies at the moment. Any ones that you fancy?


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