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Clorets: Breathe Out Proudly For Longer – The Game

Now that we’re in a nationwide lockdown here in South Africa, my family and I finally have time to experiment with a game that Clorets sent over a little over a week ago. It is called “Breathe out proudly , for longer – The Game”. In a nutshell, the limited edition game is a culmination of moments in the lives of South Africans, where they confidently share stories of situations that they found themselves in that took longer than they expected. These moments required confidence to help them become positive and confident and then push through in hopes of a better outcome. City Girl Vibe x Clorets Breathe out Proudly For LongerSo, to illustrate that we are all in the same boat Clorets asked Comedians Chris ForrestNdumiso Lindi and Glen Biderman-Pam to kickstart the call for entries by giving them the boost of confidence to share their stories via regional radio. Fans eagerly responded with an influx of stories, which resulted in a mix of human truths and shared experiences that all South Africans can relate to in one way or the other. 

Breathe Out Proudly, For Longer

“When your heart stands still and sweat breaks out
with strangers watching and no friends about
When your hands tremble as they grip your chest
and fears abound when you need your best
That’s the moment to dig in
And breathe out proudly again

Getting married or sending that rejection mail?
Apresentation you need to nail?
Publish a book? Approach the start line?
Meeting new people with no access to wine?
You’re going to need to conquer shame
And proudly breathe out again

Remember a past stranger’s name?
Get caught cheating in the poker game?
Sit down for an interview?
There’s no lock on the public loo?
In a meeting to take the blame?
It’s time to breathe out proudly again.

Because you need to be your best
And life is putting you to the test
It’s by stepping up and breathing out
You’ll know you’ve conquered all your doubts”City Girl Vibe x Clorets Breathe Out Proudly, For LongerLet confidence come from knowing that Clorets 40 minutes, with active ingredients of extra Actizol and Chlorophyll, is the only gum that not only masks bad breath but eliminates it allowing you to #BreatheOutLoudly. This game is not available for purchase but if you follow Clorets on Twitter and Facebook, you might win one for yourself!


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