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Last week Tuesday was my first day back at work and I am already missing all of those road trips, beach strolls and flapping around in the pool all day. To get back into the work week, I wanted to share some of my favourite beauty products that I have been using over the past couple of weeks/months and recommend a few products that is worth your moola. These are products that I have been using this summer as I really want to get into the habit of taking care of my hair and skin. City Girl Vibe x Current Beauty FavouritesH&M Finishing Powder

So first up I am talking about a product that I have already featured on the blog but have been using so much in the hot summer weather. If you want to read my full review on it and then you can just click here. Sometime during the day when my t-zone start becoming oily, I pull this powder out of my handbag and lightly dust a thin layer over my face. It controls the oil instantly but doesn’t make me look overly dry or as if a layered a thick coat of powder on my face. I am starting to see the pan of this powder and I am already sad because this product isn’t available in SA. City Girl Girl Vibe x H&M Finishing PowderHorse Shampoo and Conditioner

Okay now this is something that I have been dying to try for the longest time. There were so many questions that I had about horse shampoo and the claims people made when it came to it. So this year is the year that I want to get my hair in good health again because I have fallen into the trap of just washing my hair, turning it into a bun and putting my scarf on. I know by now that some of you are cringing but that is what I did. My hair was not in the best shape so I thought that I would give this duo a go. Let me first start off by saying that horse shampoo is not for everyone. I have used this combo for a few months now and it came with alot of trial and error because I had to find a way to make it work for my hair.City Girl Vibe x Horse Shampoo and ConditionerI started off by doing the common shampoo and conditioner routine but let me just say that IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME… A-T A-L-L. My hair was an oily mess. I have never felt my hair so weighed down before. I couldn’t even get to the point of blow drying it. After shampoo’ing my hair and rinsing it. my hair felt super dry (mind you, I have naturally greasy hair and I have to wash it every 2-3 days). At this point I was super annoyed with these products as it is more expensive than what I would normally pay for shampoo and conditioner. It got me thinking that I should perhaps try the “reverse washing” technique as the conditioner made my hair to greasy and the shampoo made my hair too dry. It was a light bulb moment that made my the world of a difference to my hair. I only use this combo about twice a month and I have seen my hair grow and strengthen over the past few months. I am contemplating doing a full in depth review on horse shampoo, if it is something that you would like to read then definitely leave me a comment down below.

Miniso Tenderness PerfumeCity Girl Vibe Miniso PerfumeI am all about budget perfumes these days and one of them at the top my list is this perfume that I popped into my basket at Miniso sometime last year. It is under R50 and seriously smells like a higher end perfume. It has a fresh floral fragrance to it that lingers all day and doesn’t fade. I always get compliments when I wear this perfume and it has been on my recommended list since I started using it. I am currently on my third bottle and this vile lasts roughly a month seeing that I use it everyday.

Himalaya Fresh Start face wash and Garnier Oil Control CompleteCity Girl Vibe x Favourite Skincare ProductsLike I mentioned earlier in this post, I am on a mission to take better care of my skin and that is why I decided to add two new face washes to my skincare routine. I use the Himalaya Fresh start face wash in the morning to give my face a boost of freshness as well as a slight exfoliation due to the micro-beads in this face wash. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a face wash this much and to top it all off, it was under R50! I am in love with the fragrance of this face wash and it really does make for a great morning face wash that leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. I saw that there are a few face washes in this range and it is next on my list when this one runs out. My night time face wash is the one from Garnier that I use to remove my makeup in the evening. It tingles on the skin and removes every spec of makeup on my face. I have extremely sensitive skin and this face wash is quite gentle on my skin even though it tingles. Both of these face washes can be found at Clicks.

And that is a wrap up of my current beauty faves. Have you tried any of these?


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  1. 😳😯 horse shampoo for real? This is definitely new to me but I’m intrigued…..

    Please tell me more, where do I find this combo product and price. 🌷

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