Fashion Fridays

Fashion Friday: The Bucket Hat

Judging from last week’s Fashion Friday post, you can tell that 90’s fashion is making a strong comeback. Okay let me pull the brakes on that statement for just a second and clarify by saying – depending which era you’re “from”. With that being said, the trend that I will be spilling on today is the bucket hat. Now whether you’re from the 1980’s when Run D.M.C popularized the trend or when the 1990’s were your stopping ground and you vividly remember LL Cool J embracing the bucket hat trend – especially that Kangol one that he always sported – you will know exactly what hat I am talking about.

Seeing that I am somebody that loves staying on top of fashion trends, not that I necessarily embrace them, the bucket hat is the one trend that I have been keeping my eye on religiously. While I love the bucket hat on others, I don’t specifically see myself wearing it but I mainly wanted to see how fashion folks alike would be pulling this trend off. Rewinding back to 2018 when we first saw the bucket hat on the Chanel ss19 runway, this micro trend (back then) didn’t quite take off. A few months on Dior sends bucket hats down their aw19 runway and the crowd goes crazy! Nonetheless, not all of us can afford that so I took matters into my own hands and compiled a list of where you can get your hands on a bucket hat or two.City Girl Vibe Bucket Hat TrendFor once, I am catering to the masses by featuring a trend that is seen worn by males and females. One would typically associate the trend with summer wear but step aside with that thinking! Street style snaps from New York Fashion Week proved otherwise. Fashion Week goers replaced their trusted winter beanie with the fashion forward bucket hat. Whether you’re looking for protection from the sun this summer, trying to keep your hair dry in winter adding a bucket head over your hijab – this seems like the hottest accessory of the season.

Not limited to streetstyle, we have seen Rihanna adopt the trend in her all snake skin ensemble that she wore on the red carpet as well as hijab wearing fashionistas putting their own spin on the trend by layering it over their scarves to complete their OOTD. This trend is evolving in heaps and bounds from what it was initially intended for – as protection for Irish fishermen and farmers, we’ve seen new textures and colours hitting the market and ensuring that there’s one for each and every trend embracer  wanting in on it.City Girl Vibe Bucket Hat Fashion Friday RihannaCity Girl Vibe Bucket Hat Trend Fashion FridayCity Girl Vibe Fashion Friday Bucket Hat TrendFor my celeb style crush today, I wanted to do things a tad bit differently to show you how Rihanna embraced this trend and how versatile this trend really is. If you’re not a Riri fan oh please, who doesn’t love her?! you’re one google search away from seeing how other celebs pair the bucket hat with their outfit. Thank you for reading my trend forecast today. What is your thoughts on the bucket hat? yay or nay


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