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{Review} W.O.W Beauty Los Angeles Beauty Tools

Some time last year, my  ‘beauty mule’ returned from the Middle East and brought me some awesome beauty goodies (as always) that we don’t find in South Africa and a few of those items were beauty tools from a brand called W.O.W Beauty Los Angeles. Now I’ve never heard of the W.O.W BLA brand before and when I googled the brand, I saw that they are quite big in other places of the world and they have such a big variety of beauty products and tools. Nonetheless, today I will be reviewing the beauty tools that I have been using since last year July. City Girl Vibe x WOW Beauty Los Angeles Makeup Tools ReviewI have to say that I am not a huge beauty sponge fan. I am a brush girl through and through. I have to say that this line of products converted me. Yes I do still adore brushes but when I feel like I need a more smoother and blended look, I would go over with my damp beauty sponge. With the different shapes and sizes of beauty applicators that I have been using, I am spoilt for choice.

Foundation SpongeCity Girl Vibe x WOW Beauty Los Angeles Foindation SpongeMy current foundation that I have been using for the past two years is best applied with a brush. I have tried different forms of application but I found that a flat foundation brush best applies the foundation, however… it does leave streaks on my face. To blend the foundation in further, I use this sponge on the areas that requires more blending and it removes the streaks effortlessly. Compared to many “non original beauty blenders”, this one does a great job at blending in your foundation and it is quite soft. It doesn’t absorb too much product and cleaning it is a breeze. I have used quite a few foundation sponges like this and I was not a fan as it was too firm. I especially love using this sponge around the nose area because the point blends the foundation out perfectly and allows you to blend around your nose to prevent the foundation from settling into your fine lines. I also use this sponge to bake around my nose area to prevent the foundation from separating which is very common for me.

Silicone Makeup BlenderCity Girl Vibe x WOW Beauty Los Angeles Silicone Makeup BlenderNow this beauty tool is the one that I most looked forward to trying after I saw Jeffree Star try it on his Youtube channel. If I am being honest (which I always am when reviewing products on the blog), I did not like this tool out of all the W.O.W Beauty Los Angeles applicators. Let me explain why. Firstly, this silicone applicator DOES work but it takes too long to work. I hate blending for a long period of time and with this applicator, I really have to work hard to get the product into my skin and it is not something that I particularly care to do.  Getting around the eye area was another hassle but when I actually took my time to do it, I managed to apply it perfectly. I found this applicator to work best with liquid foundation as more mousse/serum foundation applied streaky and I would have to go over with a sponge again. I wouldn’t say that it is a gimmick but it doesn’t work as fast as a brush or beauty sponge. I can see this item working for some people but it is not my first choice, especially when I wake at 4.30 in the morning to get to work. Cleaning this applicator is easy and effortless – which is something that I love about it and it is also super pretty with little glitter specks inside.

Makeup Sponge BrushCity Girl Vibe x WOW Beauty Los Angeles Makeup Sponge BrushYou guys! This one is my favourite one out of them all. I love that it has a handle. This applicator I only use for blending in cream products and what a joy it is! the flat shape makes it perfect for cream based products and when I need a little bit more precision, I would just tilt it slightly and use a smaller part without having the product move everywhere. Cleaning the sponge is not as easy as it would’ve been without the handle obvs but I love that it has the handle.  It is quite soft but sturdy enough to do the job and I am pretty sure that I could use it to blend in foundation but I don’t like using the same applicator for multiple things.

Mini Makeup BlenderCity Girl Vibe x WOW Beauty Los Angeles Mini Makeup BlenderThese tiny beauty sponges always intrigued me because I am used to the bigger ones. I know Jaclyn Hill loves her tiny beauty blender and I always wondered if a smaller version was worth the hype. I am undecided. It is great for blending out product under the eye area and for applying powder under the eye to bake but you can do that with the bigger sponge as well. Cleaning the tiny sponge is just as easy and I carry one mini sponge in my handbag for blending out concealer after it had creased, especially on those warmer days where not even setting powder can prevent it.

All in all, I am happy to have learned and tried products from a brand that I have never heard of before. The W.O.W Beauty Los Angeles brand has a huge range of beauty tools and if I could, I would try them all. Their products are 100% latex free, hypoallergenic and biodegradable.



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