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Brace yourself for Black Friday 19 with Superbalist.

Okay, Okay, Okay… so it might seem a little bit too soon to be making Black Friday wishlists but if there is anything that I’ve learned from past Black Friday experiences, it would be to be prepared. If there is one site that my sisters and I CLEAN UP on Black Friday every year, then it would be Superbalist. If you browse through last year’s posts and the beginning of the year, you’d see many of Superbalist goodies that I bought last year.

So this year, I collabed with Superbalist to give you a looksee on what to expect this year for Black Friday. I’m going to share a few pointers on how I will be ensuring that I get the best deals on Superbalist. I am so pleased to see that Superbalist has a huge selection of perfumes for HIM & HER and of course I had to add some to my own wishlist. Click here to browse their huge selection of perfumes because you know what they say… “Perfume is personal magic. It is a first impression and a lasting recollection”.

1. Get the app! City Girl Vibe x Superbalist AppNow with the app, you all know we know our phones better than we know any piece of equipment or device. With Black Friday, the fastest fingers “wins the prize” and when you have the app, you can shop anywhere- anytime.

2. Create a wishlist.City Girl Vibe x Superbalist Wishlist
This will allow you to have all of your fave items in one place and you will also be able to share it with friends and family, all year round.

3. Circle the date.
Black Friday is on the 27th of November. That gives you plenty of time to flex those thumbs and shop up a storm!

4. Set your alarm.
This one is a given. I am staying up at midnight on the 26th so that I can nab those deals as soon as they land.

I will share all of my Superbalist purchases at the end of next month in a “Black Friday Haul”. For now, practice those thumb movements!



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