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Mini H&M Beauty Haul and Review

While visiting Mall of Istanbul, I decided to pop into H&M and browse the rails. I came across their extensive beauty range and I was mad that our H&M’s in Cape Town didn’t have a beauty section. Due to our weak Rand, things were a bit on the pricier side but I managed to pick up a few things that I really wanted. They had a sale basket as well but all the “good stuff” were already sold out, swatched, broken or not in my moment I got back home, I quickly shot the pictures for this blog post because I was itching to start using and testing my purchases. Even though our weak Rand resulted in me not picking up some of the other products, the products that I did manage to buy falls in the “drugstore” price range. First up:

H&M Three piece makeup brush setcity-girl-vibe-x-hm-3-piece-makeup-brush-setOkay, so maybe I had to justify this purchase a little bit because heaven knows I don’t need anymore makeup brushes. The highlighter brush is the main brush that I wanted in this set and the face/powder brush is a close second. I was tired of using my fan brush for highlighter as it dispersed the product all over and didn’t pack enough of a punch. These brushes are beautiful and has such an easy grip to them. It picks up product perfectly and they are quite easy to wash with no shedding. They are lightweight but has a bit of weight to them so it makes it easy to work with. The bristles are quite soft and makes it perfect for the powder products that I use in my makeup routine.

H&M Finishing Powder in shade Chestnutcity-girl-vibe-x-hm-finishing-powderThis powder I used before I could do product shots, mainly because I was shiny AF due to the heat. My current foundation is a tad bit too light for me so I use this powder to bring life back into my face and I even got away with using it as bronzer and in my crease. This has more of a warm undertone and I can easily go from looking ghostly to looking like a hot cheeto if I overdo it with this powder. It’s a huge pan so it I will probably get long use out of it.

H&M Shaping Gel Waxcity-girl-vibe-x-hm-shaping-gel-waxNow this type product is something that I’ve never used before and I was so intrigued to start using it. At first I thought it was for my eyebrows and that is what I used it for and I love how it kept my eyebrows in place the entire day. I then read a review online that said it was for your hair… on your head. I then tested it to tame my flyaways and unruly man sideburns. It worked like a bomb! I love the smell of it. The scent is quite “fresh” and has hints of cucumber and aloe vera. This product is definitely not for firm holding and is more of a product to lay your baby hairs flat. It’s not very waxy and it gives your baby hairs a slight shine to it. If you find yourself at a H&M that stocks beauty products, consider popping this in your basket!

H&M makeup spongecity-girl-vibe-hm-beauty-sponge-1I’m not in the business of paying R350 for an original beauty blender, especially with the rise of so many awesome dupes at a fraction of the price. I paid about R15 for this sponge and it is a heaven of bouncy goodness on your face. It’s quite soft but not so soft to not make the product melt into the skin. I wish I had bought a few more because it works great with cream products and doesn’t absorb as much product as other dupe sponges. When the sponge is wet, it doubles in size.

H&M 4 pan highlighter palettecity-girl-vibe-x-hm-4-pan-highlighter-paletteSo I saved the best for last. I haven’t had a good highlighter in forever! I saw this item and pictured so many uses for it – that I didn’t even have to justify the purchase. This is such a universal highlighter palette that I feel it is suitable for every skin tone. This is one BLINDING highlighter so I tread very lightly and tend to add more until I reach my perfect level of “glazed donut”. I am someone that has a lot of texture and this highlight tends to grab on certain areas IF I’m not moisturized properly or if my pores aren’t filled. Even though this highlighter comes in a pan, it is quite finely milled and doesn’t have chunk of glitter in it. I love that about the highlighter as nothing is worse than a chunky highlighter. Even though the deepest highlighter shade is too dark for me, I use it as eyeshadow and it gives me a beautiful foiled look on my lids.

And that is a wrap from me. I am so bummed that we don’t get to experience H&M beauty products as I played around with a lot of the testers in stores and their products are really underrated and of great quality.


7 thoughts on “Mini H&M Beauty Haul and Review

  1. I bought a few beauty products from H&M in Russia and I was so surprised at how good they were. I got a blush palette and highlighter palette and some people thought it was Becca when I wore it!
    I will definitely buy a whole range when I’m overseas again to play around with and wear at home.
    Your products look so pretty especially the brushes.

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