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{Review} Lancôme Cils Tint Mascara

I am usually a budget girl on the blog but today I thought that I would shine the spotlight on a great mascara that I feel deserves a mention. When it comes to mascara, I am quite picky. While most have the requirements of lengthening, curling, adding volume – all I wish for in a mascara is for it to not irritate my eyes and actually deliver on its “waterproof” claims. I put the Lancôme Cils Tint Mascara to the test and I hate how much I love it! Let me first start off by saying that I have thankfully been blessed with a good set of lashes that has length and a curl to them and a coat or two of mascara gives me a nice falsies effect. I haven’t used many Lancôme products before but one of their stand out products that I remember using wayback is a mascara that I used to cherish until it was bone dry.When I use the Cils Tint, I go for two coats in order to give me just a little bit of volume and a lift. With this mascara I haven’t found any clumps or spidery lashes forming. Through trial and error, I have found that too many coats can easily take you over the top and give you those “doll like eyes” and make your lashes look unnatural.The wand/spoolie of this mascara is the traditional brush like spoolie. It grabs onto the lashes effortlessly and separates it while applying the product evenly to the lashes. The product in the tube is true black and for some reason brings out the brown in my eyes which is something that I haven’t experienced with any other mascara before. In the above picture, I have no mascara on the left eye and two coats on the right eye. You can definitely see the curl and extra length that this mascara provides. The mascara currently retails for R370 at Woolies. It is definitely a splurge and a luxe beauty buy and you should in no way feel obligated to buy it as I am pretty sure there are other brands that are way more affordable buuuuuuut believe me when I say –  it is worth every cent!It gives your eyes this sultry look that is very rarely achievable with a mascara and for that alone, I am in love with this mascara. As for irritating my overly sensitive eyes? NOT ONE BIT! It didn’t run or transfer below my eyes when I took a nap. On days when I felt like having a no makeup day, I would give my lashes two coats and a slick of lipstick across my lips and I would look like I put a little time in to do my makeup. Would I recommend this mascara to you? Absolutely! I hate that I like this mascara so much because a girl is on a budget here!

Have you used any Lancôme mascaras before? Please let me know if it is worth the splurge.


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