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#AFICTFW19 Day 3 Recap + OOTD

Two weeks back this time, I was on a Fashion Week high. Honestly – Fashion Week is my favourite few days out of the fashion calendar that I look forward to each and every year. Yes the nay-sayers will have alot to say about it being more of a social gathering than people going in support of the actual designers but I can truthfully say that I go for the FASHION. I held off from doing my post two weeks ago because I really wanted it to sink in and have a moment to myself without the hype of Cape Town Fashion Week buzzing in the back of my head.  city-girl-vibe-afictfw19-warrick-gautier-6I always go on the final day of Fashion Week as I don’t think that I have it in me to go the entire duration of FW… that and the prices of tickets becoming a little bit more expensive every year and let’s not forget about the outfits. This year Cape Town Fashion Week returned to the CTICC and I couldn’t be happier.  Aside from shows running more than an hour late, I am just happy to see the event at a venue that caters to the masses, has ample parking and the weather not disrupting the order of things. city-girl-vibe-afictfw19-warrick-gautier-1-1city-girl-vibe-afictfw19-warrick-gautier-2city-girl-vibe-afictfw19-warrick-gautier-3city-girl-vibe-afictfw19-warrick-gautier-4city-girl-vibe-afictfw19-warrick-gautier-5This year I managed to watch Stefania and Shana Morland’s show and as well as Warrick Gautier. We didn’t have the best seats for Stefania and Shana but the one designer that I actually wanted to see was Warrick. I first got ‘introduced’ to Warrick’s work when I saw Bonang wear one of his designs at the SAFTAs in 2017 and having been able to see his work on the runway blew my mind.

The Cape Town based designer that has previously worked for Louis Vuitton and Chloe is the epitome of class and elegance and it shows in his tailored and couture collections. I watched his pieces coming down the runway and I was in awe of his design to detail. From the beautifully crafted beaded gowns to the superbly tailored jackets… I am inspired. city-girl-vibe-afictfw19About the outfit: This year for fashion week, I went for an easy wide legged jumpsuit, white shirt, black patent leather platforms and minimal jewellery that I featured in this post. When April comes around in the Mother City, the weather is quite chilly in the evenings. I opted for this textured fabric which is a little bit on the sturdier side but is still breathable in construction. You guys… this handbag seems to be my fashion week handbag as I have worn it to FW for the past 5 years. I promise, next year I am going with a different one! As always, I am sewing my garment on the morning of FW and luckily I had some help with the last minute sewing or else I’d be doomed.

And that is it for my Cape Town Fashion Week 2019 roundup. Not taking away from the awe-inspiring work of the designers, this was not my best FW and last year still stands tall as my most memorable. I will obviously be back next year (God willingly) and basking in the best that Africa’s talented designers have to offer.


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