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February Favourites

I like to do favourites posts once in a while and last month I featured quite a few products in beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I shopped alot over the holidays, so I didn’t plan on shopping again in January but the word “SALE” just lured me in. Many bloggers usually feature their monthly favourites at the end of the month or in the new month but I can usually tell very early on in the month which products I will be using alot and have been enjoying. city-girl-vibe-x-february-favourites-2019All of these items are currently in store, with the exception of the handbag. The products that I am featuring in today’s post all retailed for R100 and less. Can you hear the budget babe in me squealing? I love a good bargain and I love sharing it with my readers even more.

Pink Glitter Water Bottle From Jetcity-girl-vibe-x-jet-glitter-water-bottleUniversity started again for me and I cannot start the academic year without a water bottle. My friends may argue that I have an obsession with bottles they may be right but nothing gets you more motivated to drink your daily dose of water than a pretty bottle. I have been wanting one of these glitter bottles for the longest time but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay R200+ for it from Typo. When I spotted this bottle for under R80 at Jet, I didn’t hesitate to grab it. I love that it has a straw so I don’t have to turn the cap off everytime.

Crown Clutch/handbagcity-girl-vibe-x-princess-of-jozi-bagYou guys, I am in love with this bag! I bought this from a fellow blogger on her closet cleanout sale and I am sooooo happy with my purchase. I wore it as a handbag for the past few days and I have been receiving so many compliments. I will most probably remove the extension strap and wear the handbag as a clutch to an evening event. The best part? I only paid R100 for it. Do yourself a favour and check out Zaakira’s online store. You’re bound to find something that you like – at the fraction of the price. She currently has a similar bag to this one on sale for only R50.

Jewellery from Jetcity-girl-vibe-x-jet-jewelleryYes, Jet has been killing it these past few months. I am an avid Jet stores supporter and buy a few goodies from them each month. Jet is extremely underrated and I am so happy with all of the developments that are happening in stores as of late. When last have you popped into a Jet store? You’ll be shook! So Cape Town Fashion Week is coming up in April and I am already on the lookout for outfit and accessory ideas. I stumbled across these earrings for R70 and their quirky nature just spoke to me! They look so beautiful on and I can’t wait to pair it with whichever outfit I decide to design. I also picked up this tassel bracelet for R30 on sale, that I want to pair with my earrings for fashion week. Surprisingly the bracelet feels quite high end but I am pretty sure the nickel will rub off these items but I have however found a nifty little hack to prevent that. All you have to do is put a thin coat of clear nail polish over it.

Panache Memoirs Body Spraycity-girl-vibe-x-panache-memoirs-body-sprayI love a good body spray that I can carry in my handbag. My mom is an avid original Panache fan but for some reason it just smells too “mature” for me and makes my sinuses act up. I complimented someone wearing this body spray one day and the next thing you know – she buys one for me. This is one of the top body sprays that I have ever used and the scent it quite long lasting. I am going to buy the Panache Memoirs in perfume form and may do a full review on a budget perfume for you guys. For now, if you want a whiff of this fragrance, give a try at Clicks stores. I am pretty sure you will pop it into your basket. Also, it is super affordable at only R29.99

Just Be Gorgeous Lipstickcity-girl-vibe-x-just-be-gorgeous-lipsticksGosh, ‘Just Be Gorgeous’ lipsticks appear on the blog so many times, I don’t even question their quality anymore because they are just fab! Whenever I walk into a Jet store and I spot a shade that I don’t have in my collection, I pop it into my basket. I bought two similar berry toned shades that retails for R21.99. The one on the right hand side is a matte shade and the one on the left is a satin lipstick. I will do more of an in depth review on these two lippies next week but they are gems!

That is a wrap up of my February Faves! Are there any items that you have your eye on?


3 thoughts on “February Favourites

  1. Hi I also love the just be gorgeous lipsticks but when visiting jet in gateway Durban I was told they no longer stock them. Do you perhaps know where else they are stocked? Regards Sue

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