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{Review} Iwori – Baobab range review

One of my favourite things about being a blogger is that I learn so much about new brands that I haven’t heard of before. Some new, some old and some that is a little bit more special than others because they are 100% organic, produced locally and works like a bomb. As part of a birthday gift that I received two or so weeks ago, I started using the Iwori range of products and I have to say that it is one those brands that I was so excited to test out because I haven’t used any of their products the products that I received is the Baobab Stack Pack Gift set and a hand cream. The Baobab stack consisted of a body wash, a body scrub and a body lotion. I use all three products in conjunction and it is like a mini spa experience in the comfort of my own home. It is such an awesome gift set or even product purchase for yourself, before commiting to the full sized products. The Iwori range is found at Clicks stores and I have no idea why I haven’t spotted it before but one thing is for certain, it really is one of my favourite range of products that I have ever tested out on the blog.

100% Organic African Baobab Body Washcity-girl-vibe-x-iwori-baobab-body-washIn the order of how I use it, I first start off with the body wash which is more of a jelly like consistency. I put a generous amount of product onto my wet loofer and work it into circular motions so that it can lather up on my skin. If you’re looking for a body wash that foams up alot then this product is not for you but it does a great job at adding a little bit of bubble to your shower time routine. I quite like the scent of this body wash (and the rest of the products) as it is quite fresh and smells like something from a “higher end” brand.

100% Organic African Baobab Body Scrubcity-girl-vibe-x-iwori-baobab-body-scubOne of my new fave things is to exfoliate my body. Believe it or not, I used to only exfoliate my face but ever since the summer months started rolling around and I found myself in dresses more often, I have discovered that I really enjoy the exfoliating process. The Iwori body scrub is my new favourite item for exfoliating my legs after I have shaved my legs. The little beads in the scrub is abrasive enough to remove the dead skin cells on my legs but also gentle enough to use more than once a week. The scrub is also quite moisturizing and you can see a huge difference on those areas that are more ashy, like your elbows.

100% Organic African Baobab Body Lotioncity-girl-vibe-x-iwori-baobab-body-lotionTo top off my Iwori body care experience, I end off with this body lotion. This body lotion is a tad bit thicker than the usual body lotions that I am used to but it is not quite as thick as a body butter. It is so so so moisturizing and I love using it before bedtime. The scent of this body lotion is quite long lasting and I can smell it lingering on my sheets (which I love). city-girl-vibe-x-iwori-beauty-of-africa-baobab-rangeIt is recommended that you use all three of these products together and I really do want to get into the habit of using products in a range together to get the best results. This little stack is the perfect traveling trio that holds just the right amount of product. I would recommend though that you open up the body wash and the body scrub before you go into the shower because it can get a bit messy and no one wants to struggle in the shower.

Baobab 24hr Ultra-Nourishing hand creamcity-girl-vibe-x-iwori-24hour-nourishing-hand-lotion-creamBefore my sister nabbed this hand cream out of my bag, I have to say that this lotion was the ultimate handbag essential. If you ditest dry hands, this will be your bestie. This hand cream is extremely moisturizing but the product soaks into your hands effortlessly and doesn’t leave you with greasy feeling hands. The body lotion feels very similar to this hand cream and it also smells identical. I don’t know when I became a packaging snob (even though I am a huge fan of beautiful packaging) but I am so grateful for this flip cap as no one wants to faff around with a screw on/off cap when you have lotion on your hands. I think that this hand cream will be particularly … handy… in the winter months when you’re in need of something a little bit more hydrating.

I am so drawn to the scent of this products and it makes using the products so luxurious. It smells fresh and “clean” and all of the products goes together so well. I love that you can use these products in conjunction without the scents clashing. The scent reminds me of a FCUK product that I used way back when. I am so keen to get my hands on some of their skincare products and maybe do a round 2 of Iwori product reviews.

Thanks for reading darlings! Have you tried anything from the Iwori – Beauty of Africa brand yet?



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